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10 Best Green Lantern Villains in DC Comics, Ranked


  • Green Lantern has faced many formidable villains throughout his time in the DC Universe. Here are some of the most terrifying and dangerous foes he has encountered:
  • Major Force – A brutal and ruthless villain who has confronted Green Lantern multiple times, Major Force is known for his immense strength and sadistic nature. He has caused significant harm to Green Lantern and his allies, including the death of Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt.
  • Lord Premier Thaaros – A relatively new addition to the Green Lantern mythos, Thaaros seized control of the Corps during the Dawn of DC era. He instituted sweeping changes to the Corps, secretly scheming to take control of the Emotional Spectrum.

Over the years Green Lantern has faced dozens of villains all across the DC Universe. As one of the biggest superhero icons, the various Emerald Knights have taken on some of the most powerful and most sinister threats across the multiverse.

But only a few villains can stand out as the best foes Green Lantern has ever faced. The Corps might routinely stop criminals throughout the 3600 space sectors that make up the DCU, but only a handful have vexed the various Green Lanterns and earned a place among the hero’s greatest foes. Read on to discover the 10 best villains in the entire Green Lantern franchise.

10 Major Force Did Major Damage to Green Lantern’s Life

Created by: Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, and Pat Broderick

Kyle Rayner was selected to become the new Green Lantern solely by happenstance after Hal Jordan decimated the Corps in the classic “Emerald Twilight” storyline. Though a mighty weight had been placed on his shoulders, Kyle rose to the occasion and became the Green Lantern the world needed. Unfortunately, his decision to become a hero brought Green Lantern into confrontation with the villainous Major Force.

Major Force is the villain who infamously killed Kyle’s girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt and stuffed her remains in a refrigerator (ultimately becoming the namesake of the ‘fridging’ trope). Kyle was so torn apart by grief that he actually tried killing his nemesis. Major Force tormented Kyle and other Green Lanterns in the years after Alexandra’s death. Though he’s not Green Lantern’s most recurring foe, he hurt Kyle in a way that few villains ever have.

9 Thaaros is a Maniac Who Seized Control of the Corps

Created by: Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Daniel Sampere

Thaaros Sacrificing Lanterns to Gain Power DC

Lord Premier Thaaros is a fairly new addition to the Green Lantern mythos. During the Dawn of DC era, the Guardians of the Universe mysteriously disappeared and control of the Corps was handed over to the United Planets. Thaaros leads the United Planets and took point in directing the Corps. However, he instituted sweeping changes to the Corps such as quarantining Sector 2814 and reassigning the Green Lanterns of Earth.

Unbeknownst to the Green Lanterns, Thaaros was scheming to take control of the Emotional Spectrum. He secretly ordered the destruction of various Central Power Batteries and created a contingent of ‘United Planets Lanterns’ who could harness other lights. At the same time, he slowly replaced the United Planets Council with members of Thaaros’ shape-shifting race. Now Thaaros has the United Planets and the entire Green Lantern Corps under his control.

8 Star Sapphire is the One Villain Green Lantern Loves

Created by: John Broome and Gil Kane

Like Green Lantern, Star Sapphire is an alter ego that has belonged to various people. Star Sapphires wield the Violet Light of Love and are generally led by the Zamarons who believe that love is a force that can save the universe. The Zamarons’ first and most notable Star Sapphire was Hal Jordan’s on-again/off-again love interest, Carol Ferris. During her earliest days as Star Sapphire, Carol would lose her mind and fight Green Lantern as an enemy.

However, the Zamarons changed their approach and gave their warriors more autonomy. In doing so, Carol used her powers as a Star Sapphire to aid Hal on numerous adventures, including saving the DC Universe during “Blackest Night”. Though Carol swore to herself that her life as Star Sapphire was behind her, she embraced the power of love to aid Green Lantern once again.

7 Olgrun Wants to Possess DC’s Strongest Green Lantern

Created by: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Riccardo Federici, and Will Conrad

John Stewart Sees Olgrun DC

Olgrun is a powerful god of the First World who went mad and destroyed everything around him, including his daughter. However, though Olgrun was removed from the world of the living, his power broke through when ancient Maltusian explorers desecrated his crypt. Olgrun turned these explorers into the first wave of his Radiant Dead, a horrifying army that assimilated everything that came into contact with it. The Radiant Dead waited for a perfect vessel to claim and found one in Green Lantern John Stewart.

Though John had retired from the Corps, he was still more powerful than ever thanks to absorbing a Godstorm. The Radiant Dead and their leader, the Revenant Queen came after John and hit him hard, desperate to claim Green Lantern’s body and give Olgrun the most powerful form to return in so that the Old God can pick up where he left off.

6 Krona Fundamentally Changed the DC Universe

Created by: John Broome and Gil Kane


Long before the Green Lantern Corps was ever created, the so-called ‘Mad Guardian’ Krona was making trouble for the DC Universe. Krona was a Maltusian scientist who was obsessed with the origins of the universe. So much so that he created a device to witness the moment of creation, only for it to explode and create the multiverse. Krona was banished for his actions, and he became a powerful and recurring threat to his former allies, the Guardians of the Universe.

Krona’s mad quests have endangered the DC Universe and even the Marvel Universe (as seen in JLA/Avengers). Krona has even brought war to Oa and the Guardians of the Universe by using the Emotional Spectrum’s entities to possess his former allies. Krona’s spirit has seemingly been defeated for good, but this Green Lantern villain has been shown to survive anything thrown at him.

5 Larfleeze is the Greediest Being Green Lantern’s Ever Encountered

Created by: Geoff Johns and Phillip Tan

Larfleeze Fighting Orange Lanterns DC

Green Lantern’s light might be the most well-known part of the Emotional Spectrum, but Hal and his friends saw just what other horrors were connected to the other lights. Deep in the Vega System, Larfleeze of Okaara protects the DC Universe’s sole Orange Lantern Power Battery. Fueled by voracious greed, Larfleeze is filled with an endless desire to take as much as he possibly can.

Though often presented as comic relief, the truth behind Larfleeze is quite terrifying. In his heyday, Larfleeze would kill anyone he believed was trying to steal his Power Battery, then copy their image to ‘steal’ their identities and have them join his Corps as construct ghosts. To make things even worse, Larfleeze’s behavior is all because of the Orange Light of Greed. Under its sway, this Green Lantern villain can’t help but be driven to possess everything he sees.

4 Black Hand Helped Usher in a Zombie Wave

Created by: John Broome and Gil Kane

Black Hand is a classic Green Lantern foe that dates back to the hero’s Silver Age days. However, the villain was given a major overhaul that turned him into one of the creepiest bad guys in the entire DC Universe. William Hand grew up obsessed with the dead and dying and is actually the physical embodiment of death. After years of torment among the living, Black Hand finally found his calling serving as Nekron’s connection to the land of the living.

Black Hand was instrumental to the “Blackest Night” event and he helped usher the zombie apocalypse in by killing himself, allowing Nekron to make his move. However, Hand was eventually brought back to life, though he still possessed enhanced Black Lantern abilities and developed the power to raise the dead all on his own.

3 Nekron is Death Incarnate

Created by: Mike W. Barr, Len Wein, and Joe Staton

Nekron scowls at his enemies in DC Comics

Black Hand may have been a central figure during “Blackest Night”, but behind it all was the Lord of Undying, Nekron. Nekron is a being that represents the absence of life. To bring the DC Universe back to its most stable and peaceful state, Nekron formed the Black Lantern Corps and sent out thousands of rings across the universe and reanimated dead bodies to serve as his warriors. Old friends, family, and classic heroes and villains were forcefully inducted into the Black Lantern Corps to serve on Nekron’s behalf.

Nekron’s plan ultimately failed, but his display of power was unsettling. Even worse, a being like Nekron can’t be killed. To this day he waits in his domain, ready to worm his way back into the DC Universe and snuff out Green Lantern’s light for good.

2 Parallax Corrupted an Iconic Green Lantern

Created by: Ron Marz, Darryl Banks, Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver

The monstrous Parallax launches an attack in DC Comics

Parallax was the name that Hal Jordan took after he turned to the dark side and became a villain in the wake of destroying the Green Lantern Corps. But years later it was revealed that the Emerald Knight wasn’t actually responsible for the attack at all. When Hal was grieving the loss of Coast City, Sinestro had Hal possessed by the entity of fear, Parallax. Hal was the vessel, but Parallax was the heinous spiriting operating Green Lantern’s body.

Just as Ion is the ultimate embodiment of willpower, Parallax embodies fear. He’s taken possession of other heroes such as Kyle Rayner and the Flash. Whenever he takes control of someone else, his malevolent spirit and power turn whatever poor soul he’s attached himself to into one of the most terrifying and powerful villains in the DC Universe.

1 Sinestro is Hal Jordan’s Mentor, Foe, and Friend

Created by: John Broome and Gil Kane

Few people in the DC Universe know Hal Jordan as well as Thaal Sinestro. Sinestro was Hal’s mentor when he first joined the Corps and they actually developed a small bond. But that bond was shattered when Hal discovered Sinestro was keeping his sector in line through tyranny. Hal got Sinestro booted from the Corps, and the Korugarian never got over it. Ever since he was forced to leave, Sinestro has gone after Green Lantern again and again more than any of Hal’s other enemies.

And yet, despite the bad blood between the two, the friendship they once had is still there. Depending on the situation, Sinestro is just as likely to team up with Hal Jordan as he is to try and kill him. Sinestro can’t always be trusted, but even Green Lantern can see shades of the hero his mentor once was.

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