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A Hardware Hacker Got a Fleshlight to Play Doom

It was inevitable. We’ve seen Doom on practically every device with a screen, from Lego bricks to running within Doom itself, but there’s been a significant lack of sex toys playing the id Software classic. Now, we have a YouTuber showing how he got the game to work on a Tifforun stroker. What’s even more distressing about such a device running Doom is just how well it seems to control using the simple yet satisfyingly clicky buttons. 

YouTuber Aaron Christophel has done quite a few hardware hacks in the past. He previously got Doom running on an electric toothbrush. In a video this week, Christophel showed the 1998 landmark FPS running on the masturbatory aid. He includes a link to where he purchased the device in case any other folks were inclined to perform the same hack. Of course, that’s the only reason.

The game running on the Fleshlight mirrors the typical Doom experience to a distressing degree. The top row buttons act as the controls for strafing and shooting. The buttons themselves have a deep clickiness to them, but for those who seek force feedback from their controls, the device rumbles every time you fire a weapon. You can even plug a pair of headphones into the back of the device to listen to that classic, heart-pounding soundtrack.

“Let’s first pick up the armor,” Christophel said in his video. “Because of course, we need protection.”

The screen originally displays the rev speed and, well, pornography. It’s not able to connect to any WiFi, unfortunately. The YouTuber chose the device because it was one of the only options with a screen attached.

Christophel said he used the GitHub repository containing the ROM for the Game Boy Advance version of Doom. That was crafted by fellow hardware hacker Jeroen Domburg for the Doom Christmas tree ornament. The device still has the original board inside, but that’s been reduced to an I/O board for controlling the buttons and LEDs and connecting a more capable chip to the display. 

We appreciate any novel use of a few buttons and a screen, but before anyone else gets any bright ideas about where they can next stick Doom, they should consider a few more PG options.

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