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A Quiet Place’s New Alien Reveal Copies Steven Spielberg’s 76% Movie On Rotten Tomatoes


  • A Quiet Place: Day One’s aliens use humans as a food source, similar to War of the Worlds’ aliens.
  • A Quiet Place’s aliens are stronger and more formidable predators than War of the Worlds’ aliens.
  • Both alien species share a farming-like purpose, cultivating humans as their sustenance.

A Quiet Place: Day One reveals one detail about its central aliens, making them seem quite similar to the ones featured in a Steven Spielberg movie that boasts a 76% Rotten Tomatoes score. In many ways, the A Quiet Place franchise gives its alien creatures a unique identity by portraying how they have an enhanced sense of hearing but no sight. Although the first two movies in the series do not reveal much about the aliens’ origins and purpose, they hint at how they use their advanced hearing to track down and murder all living creatures on Earth.

However, since the first two movies focus more on portraying the dynamic between their human characters in the post-apocalyptic world, they maintain an air of mystery surrounding what the aliens do with humans after killing them. Like its predecessors, A Quiet Place: Day One is also heavily character-driven. But, at the same time, it also briefly features scenes that hint at the central alien creatures’ true purpose on Earth, which makes them reminiscent of the extraterrestrial beings featured in another 2005 movie.


A Quiet Place Complete Timeline Explained

As the franchise continues to expand, A Quiet Place’s timeline becomes more explored. We break down the movie’s complete, chronological timeline.

The Aliens In A Quiet Place & War Of The Worlds Have A Similar Purpose

They Are “Farmers”

A Quiet Place: Day One features a scene where the aliens feed on pools of a strange pinkish liquid. A close look at the liquid reveals there are human bodies in it. This scene, as A Quiet Place: Day One’s director Michael Sarnoski confirmed (via Slash Film), reveals how the aliens are like leafcutter ants, “using the organic material of people to grow what is their food source.” The aliens in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds do something similar by using human blood to grow red weeds that seemingly serve as their primary food source.

The food source the aliens grow in A Quiet Place: Day One has been described as a “kind of weird melon-y, egg, mushroom” thing by the film’s director, which seems similar to the reed weeds from War of the Worlds. This, as the director described, makes them farmers in more ways than one because their main motive is to cultivate and harvest their sustenance from the organic material of humans. While the alien species in War of the Worlds and A Quiet Place seemingly share the same purpose, they significantly differ in many ways.


What Happened On Every Day In A Quiet Place

The complete timeline of A Quiet Place allows the audience to track the course of the series throughout severel major days.

How A Quiet Place: Day One Compares To War Of The Worlds With Its Portrayal Of Aliens

A Quiet Place: Day One’s Aliens Seem Much Stronger

A close up of the A Quiet Place alien's face has blood spatter on it.
Custom Image by Dani Kessel Odom

The aliens in War of the Worlds use giant tripods to attack humans, suggesting they are not too strong without their advanced technology. In contrast, the Death Angels in A Quiet Place have near-indestructible armor and can overpower humans with ease in their natural forms. War of the Worlds‘ central beings perish because of their weak immune systems that do not protect them from the diseases humanity has grown immune to. Unlike the creatures in A Quiet Place, they also do not have any heightened senses and seem almost powerless in their true form.

A Quiet Place: Day One
‘s aliens are arguably more formidable predators than the ones in Steven Spielberg’s
War of the Worlds…

A Quiet Place‘s aliens, on the other hand, remain alive despite using humans as a source of food, suggesting that their immune system can handle the pathogens present on Earth. They do not have any sense organs for vision but possess ultrasonic hearing, giving them a significant advantage over humanity. All in all, A Quiet Place: Day One‘s aliens are arguably more formidable predators than the ones in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds because, even after humans figure out they cannot swim or handle high-pitched sounds, they struggle to eradicate them.

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