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Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ shooting trial: Witness testimony day two

Alec Baldwin’s team
began day two of the “Rust” involuntary manslaughter trial by cross-examining SFCSO crime scene technician Marissa Poppell.

Alex Spiro immediately zeroed in on the “destroyed” firearm, which the attorney previously argued was grounds to dismiss the involuntary manslaughter charge.

“As to the firearm, I think where you left off yesterday is ultimately that firearm was destroyed in the testing, fair?” Spiro asked Poppell.

“Not destroyed, but, broken,” she replied.

“It’s fair to say that the firearm can’t be put back in the original condition that it was in at the time of the incident,” the lawyer continued. “Is that fair?”

“I believe it could be put back together with replaced parts. But as far as, in my terms, destroyed — meaning no longer in existence — It is not the case,” the crime scene technician explained.

“But as part of the investigation and entrusted with the evidence in this case ,the the gun will never be in exactly the same condition that it was in on October 21st?” Spiro further questioned.

“Yes,” Poppell conceded.

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