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All 9 Doctors In House’s Team, Ranked From Worst To Best Character


  • House’s team brought unique strengths and sensibilities to the table, helping viewers relate to the brilliant medical drama.
  • New characters like Jessica Adams and Chi Park added depth, showcasing their impressive abilities and independence.
  • Each member of House’s team, like Eric Foreman and Chris Taub, had their own growth arcs, evolving from their initial personas.

House wouldn’t engage its audience as well as it did without the team that serves as a way for viewers to relate, with every one of the doctors in House bringing something different to the table. The brilliant medical drama starring Hugh Laurie as Doctor Gregory House provides an insight into the doctor’s brilliant mind, but the team of doctors who work alongside him adds depth to the show. House ran for eight seasons between 2004 and 2012, and during that time, the diagnostics team working under House changed several times.

When Gregory House initially alienates and pushes away his original team, he hosts a competitive series of challenges to find his next team. This introduced many great characters who worked with House briefly, but very few officially worked on his team. One significant example is Amber Volakis, who was the last person to be dropped from House’s competition. While Amber went on to have a relationship with Wilson, she never worked as an official part of the team. While she would have been excellent, House had a ton of smart doctors by his side, all with different sensibilities and strengths.


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9 Jessica Adams

Played By Odette Annable

Jessica Adams in House

Jessica Adams was introduced in the final season of House when Gregory House was in prison. She comes from an affluent family and works in medical roles that are below her abilities. She begins consulting with House at the prison until their cooperation leads to her getting fired. Thanks to her wealth, she works with House and his team unofficially — and unpaid — until she is eventually hired.

Adams was a highly effective doctor. Although she disagreed with colleagues like Chi Park, she prioritized patient needs and comfort. If she had more time on the show, she would likely have become an even more important member of House’s team. While she only appeared in the last season of House, she remained on the team after House faked his death, joining Chi Park and Chris Taub under Dr. Robert Chase, with Chase becoming the new Head of Diagnostics.

8 Eric Foreman

Played By Omar Epps

Eric Foreman had been part of House’s team since the first episode, and by the end of the series, Foreman had taken over the position of Dean of Medicine from Lisa Cuddy. Foreman is potentially the most like House with his stubborn nature, disregard for others’ opinions, and medical prowess. However, it is precisely because he has so much in common with House that makes him unlikable and unfeeling.

The arc he experiences in becoming Dean of Medicine is self-serving rather than changing his character for the better. However, throughout his time on Gregory House’s team, Foreman is typically the only person who stands up to his boss. This is an essential part of the Dean of Medicine’s job, making Foreman the perfect candidate to fill the role left by Cuddy’s departure. He is a brilliant and arrogant doctor, but he fits his new role better than the one he served on House’s team.


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7 Chris Taub

Played By Peter Jacobson

Dr. Taub in House

Taub was recruited during House’s competition in season 4. Having already led a successful career for years as a plastic surgeon, he is the oldest member to join House’s team but also one of the most knowledgeable. He initially joins the team to support his expensive lifestyle and to continue hiding his multiple affairs from his wife. That makes him one of the most unlikable main characters on the show.

By the end of the series, Taub is a much better man who admits his flaws, forms a loving connection with his daughters, and appears unburdened by the things that frustrated him when he first began working with House. He is level-headed, reasonable, and a great doctor. After House faked his own death, Taub was one of the doctors from his team who remained on as part of the unit under Dr. Robert Chase.

6 Chi Park

Played By Charlyne Yi

Chi Park in House

Chi Park joined House’s team during the show’s final season, having been transferred from the neurology department after an altercation with her boss. Park is exceptional, but what truly stands out is her ability to avoid being manipulated by Gregory House. While House drives many of his team members to act in predictable ways due to their suppression of aggression and hope to advance, Park is unpredictable, making her an exciting and independent doctor on the team.

She also clearly knows her worth and value to House, so he struggles to threaten and belittle her. Chi has her flaws, but overall, she is a formidable character and a great contrast to House. She was also one of the best new characters introduced in the show’s final season. Like Chris Taub and Jessica Adams, Chi Park continued to stay on the team after House’s fake death.

5 Robert Chase

Played By Jesse Spencer

Chase Sitting in a Chair With a Flashlight in House, M.D. "Fighting Judas"

Robert Chase was another member of House’s original team with a gift for diagnosis, but early in the series, he’s sycophantic in his desperation to please House. As the series progressed, Chase developed a more assertive personality to stand up to his boss, and he was fired as a result. Chase was known more for his romantic relationship with Cameron than for his medical skills. He also proved to be immoral at times, mostly thanks to Gregory House’s bad influence on him.

However, he continued to work for different departments at Plainsboro before finally returning to lead the diagnostic team after House faked his own death. Chase arguably has the strongest arc of any member of House’s team and evolves from a yes man to a strong, confident doctor capable of leading the team he was once fired from. The fact that he rose to this position as Head of Diagnostics shows his immense growth from the start of the series to its finale.

4 Remy “Thirteen” Hadley

Played By Olivia Wilde

Remy Hadley (Olivia Wilde) was more commonly referred to by the number she was assigned as an applicant for House’s season 4 competition, “Thirteen.” Thirteen was incredibly private, as evidenced by her unwillingness to share her name for some time or any details about her own life outside the hospital. As a result of her diagnosis and family history of Huntington’s disease, Thirteen is often reckless about her own safety. However, she has an abundance of compassion and patience for patients.

Thirteen grows throughout the series and overcomes fears and doubts in order to pursue doing what makes her happy in the time she has left, as she believed her illness would one day lead to her losing control of her body. The fact she fought so hard to make her name in medicine shows how strong she was as a person.


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3 Martha M. Masters

Played By Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn and Hugh Laurie as Greg House and Martha Masters, standing over a patient in House, M.D.

Martha M. Masters may have had only a brief stint working in House’s team to fill the absence of Thirteen during season 7, but she left a considerable impression. In several ways, Masters was the anti-House, favoring honesty above anything else. House tries desperately to persuade her to be dishonest and see the value in lying, but time and again, she proves that she can push forward and succeed by being honest instead.

She is highly gifted and the only team member to be hired while still a student, but ultimately, due to the intense pressures and House’s questionable methods, he fires her, and she begins working in the surgery intern program instead. However, she then did the one thing she promised never to do: she was dishonest and induced symptoms into a patient whose parents were rejecting treatment to save her life. This finally caused her to leave the hospital.

2 Allison Cameron

Played By Jennifer Morrison

Hugh Laurie as Gregory House and Jennifer Morrison as Allison Cameron in House M.D.

Allison Cameron was one of the original diagnostic team members, and she was largely optimistic, kind, compassionate, and genuine. When House tried to change and shape Cameron into a more cynical, and thus, by his estimation, more effective doctor, she resisted. She already had some hangups around those she deemed untrustworthy, but for the most part, Cameron was a ray of hope among her darker co-workers.

Cameron was also one of the few doctors who would fully commit to being vulnerable in love, and she married Chase as a result. However, that ended in divorce when Chase began acting more like House, and Cameron couldn’t be with someone who had those qualities. She also developed feelings for House, although he never reciprocated the feelings, causing Cameron to quit the team and move on to a senior emergency room attending physician before finally leaving the hospital completely.

1 Lawrence Kutner

Played By Kal Penn

Lawrence Kutner was another shining ray in a team of cynical and dishonest people. He was brilliant, quickly proving how invaluable his insights were in House season 4 and earning a place on the team. He was witty and got along well with others in the hospital, which is why Kutner’s suicide in House season 5 came as a total shock. His death impacted the whole team, especially House, who struggled to understand the motivations, and it was the lack of answers that made his death so tragic.

Kutner constantly proved his abilities, often beating the team to a diagnosis, and his character possessed the most potential. Even in death, Kutner acted as the catalyst for a major change for Gregory House. He eventually returned to House MD for the season 8 series finale, “Everybody Dies,” in 2012, appearing as one of Gregory House’s hallucinations. The fact that Kal Penn’s character came back shows his importance to not just the show, but the misanthropic protagonist himself.

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