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Bluey Minisodes: The Minireview

They’re here! Bluey mini-episodes have dropped and as promised they are super mini. The microdose of the Heeler family’s hijinks is composed of seven bite-sized episodes that are only a couple of minutes long, and truth be told it’s not really enough to tide us over until the next drop of actual episodes.  You can play them individually on the platform or play “episode eight,” which is a compilation of all of them, on Disney+. 

Burger Dog: This Burger Dog song is dangerous. It is a cruelly comedic plague of an earworm that will not leave your brain. It will follow you, much like it haunts Bandit, everywhere you go. It’s what he deserves for lying to Bingo and Bluey when he claims his phone died. It will also make you want a burger. 

Bingo 3000: Bandit realizes his kid is playing with an android toy that’s broken. It’s short and sweet.

Muffin Unboxing:  We stan an influencer queen. Muffin is all of us having to deal with toy packaging and remembering to add the batteries. I share her enthusiasm when I have to use social media. This one is bound to launch so many relatable memes of our fave overstimulated rage heeler who keeps it real. 

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Letter: Bluey and Bingo take a stroll down memory lane with their grandmother. They read a letter from Bandit when he was a kid and “not a great speller.” As someone who has stuff like this saved for my kids, it’s definitely hilarious to see kid Bandit get roasted by his offspring. I look forward to the day when it’s my turn.

Hungry: Bandit is hungry and decides to eat his young. This one is just that gag, as he pretends to eat Bluey. It turns out kids don’t sit well with him and he pukes them up. It’s just silly.

Three Pigs: Bandit tells the kids the story of the three little pigs, and they make it all up as they go. Seeing storytelling collaboration and imagination being nurtured in this way is why we all love these characters. It also made me really wish for more longer episodes.

Animals: Chili and Bingo sit on a park bench for some fun storytelling about creepy crawlies and mammals. It’s super cute, with snuggly cozy cuddles and Chili’s soothing mom vibes. Made me wish I was that small and in my mom’s arms again.

Wanting more? A second batch of minisodes will be released on at the end of the year, with the final batch dropping sometime in 2025. In the meantime, you can catch up with Bluey on Disney+.

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