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Denzel Washington Fans Champion Early Oscar Buzz Around Gladiator 2 Role


  • Denzel Washington shines in the
    Gladiator 2
    trailer, fans predict another Oscar win for the iconic actor.
  • Washington plays a crucial role in Paul Mescal’s journey as Lucius Verus, stirring up excitement among fans.
  • Gladiator 2
    promises an even more epic adventure with thrilling battle scenes and a stellar ensemble cast.

The recent Gladiator 2 trailer finally revealed our first look at Ridley Scott’s return to the swords-and-sandals epic, and it looks like Hollywood icon Denzel Washington will play a much bigger part in proceedings that many initially thought. Featuring heavily in the footage, Washington will portray Macrinus, a former slave who has now achieved power and wealth, and fans of the iconic actor are already calling for him to win another Oscar.

Taking to social media to heap praise on what they’ve seen from Washington in Gladiator 2 so far, one fan said, “Denzel in that GLADIATOR II trailer has big “see you at the Oscars” energy,” while another adds, “I’ve seen enough, hand him the Oscar.”

The trailer reveals that Washington will play a big part in the journey of Paul Mescal’s Lucius Verus, making him an “instrument” in his plan to act against and overthrow the emperors Geta and Caracalla. Washington, who has been victorious at the Oscars twice before thanks to powerful performances in Glory and Training Day, certainly makes his presence known in Gladiator 2. And fans cannot get enough.

The beloved actor even manages to get some of his most quintessential trademarks into the Gladiator sequel, including his familiar laugh…and his normal accent. While some have criticized the latter, many have leaped to his defense and declared that, when it comes to the sheer talent of Denzel Washington, whatever accent he has is the right one.

Gladiator 2 Promises to Be Even More Epic Than Its Predecessor

Outside the powerhouse performer that is Denzel Washington, fans are loving the look of Gladiator 2, with the movie looking even more epic than its predecessor and promising rhino fights, a water battle in the Colosseum, and much, much more.


Fans Call Out Gladiator 2 Trailer for Something That Will Not Even Be in the Movie: ‘A Godawful Marketing Idea’

Gladiator II launched its first trailer today, but the moment was overshadowed by the same complaint.

Gladiator 2 sees Ridley Scott return to direct once again after more than two decades since the first movie earned critical acclaim, all manner of awards, and was cemented as a cinematic classic. The sequel has amassed a stellar ensemble cast, with Paul Mescal (Normal People) in the lead as Lucius alongside Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us) as Roman general Marcus Acacius, Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things, Fantastic Four) as Caracalla, Fred Hechinger (Kraven the Hunter) as Geta, and Denzel Washington (American Gangster) as Macrinus, with May Calamawy (Moon Knight), Lior Raz (The Crowded Room), Peter Mensah (300, Avatar) also set to feature. Both Connie Nielsen and Derek Jacobi will reprise their roles from the first movie.

You can check out the official synopsis and the newly released trailer below.

“From legendary director Ridley Scott, Gladiator II continues the epic saga of power, intrigue, and vengeance set in Ancient Rome. Years after witnessing the death of the revered hero Maximus at the hands of his uncle, Lucius (Paul Mescal) is forced to enter the Colosseum after his home is conquered by the tyrannical Emperors who now lead Rome with an iron fist. With rage in his heart and the future of the Empire at stake, Lucius must look to his past to find strength and honor to return the glory of Rome to its people.”

Gladiator 2
is scheduled to be released in the United States on November 22, 2024.

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