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Election 2024 news and live updates: Biden speaks at NATO summit

President Joe Biden welcomed world leaders to the NATO summit as he faces pressure to bow out of the presidential race after his shaky debate performance against Donald Trump raised questions about his ability to do the job another four years.

Earlier today, House and Senate democrats held private meetings, pulicly reiterating their support for Biden’s candidacy as he faces questions over his health. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump will hold a rally Tuesday evening at his flagship Miami golf resort.

What to know:

  • Kamala Harris in the spotlight: Biden’s reelection campaign is sending the vice president to events in Nevada and Pennsylvania this week. She’d be Biden’s most natural endorsement should the president decide to end his campaign — though he’s consistenly said that’s not happening.
  • Nikki Haley releases delegates: The former U.N. ambassador and Republican presidential candidate is releasing the delegates she won during this year’s Republican primary so they’ll be free to support Trump at the GOP convention next week.
  • Trump nears a VP decision: Senior aides and longtime allies insist they still don’t know who the presumptive GOP nominee will choose.

Biden’s surrogates on Capitol Hill double down

Rep. Jasmine Crockett, a freshman Democrat who has been a surrogate for the Biden campaign, spent the last several days defending the president’s legislative record and seeking to draw clear distinctions between him and former President Trump. Crockett has reiterated that there is too much at stake for the party to turn away from Biden at this point in the campaign, saying that a second Trump presidency would be extremely harmful to Black Americans across the country.

“We are not willing to risk our freedoms for somebody feeling good because there’s a different name on the ballot,” the Texas lawmaker said Tuesday.

She added that her colleagues privately and publicly criticizing Biden have not seen what she has during her time on the trail with him. “A lot of these people talking out of the side of their mouth, I don’t know if they have gone out for the president or gone out with the president,” Crockett said. “That is why I can feel so confident because I have seen more than the 90 minutes that everybody is so concerned about.”

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