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Elijah Wood Announces SpectreVision Radio Podcasts

SpectreVision, the production company run by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Lawrence Inglee, has begun an expansion into the audio space with the launch of its own podcast network.

As revealed by the Hollywood Reporter, SpectreVision Radio will offer a diverse slate of podcasts centering on cinema, history, paranormal encounters, occult tales, music, and more with top experts and commentators in their respective fields. Filmmakers Mike Flanagan (The Fall of the House of Usher) and David Lowery (The Green Knight) will be premiering their first podcasts on the network; we’re hoping for more horror content from the storytellers but would be happy to hear them bring their film nerd knowledge and anecdotes from their careers to our eager ears. Sapphire Sandalo (Discovery’s Ghost Town Terror), one of the best voices in global horror folklore on YouTube and in podcasting, will expand on her multicultural occult tales and experiences with the paranormal on Stories With Sapphire. For more haunted and ghost-encounter vibes, researchers Greg and Dana Newkirk will also premiere a show. And for cinephiles, the network will host The Spiel from Eric Vespe and Scott Wampler (recorded before the beloved film journalist’s passing).

“The idea of a podcast network that’s built like a community radio station is a natural extension of who we are,” Wood said in a statement to THR. “We’ve always thought of SpectreVision as a creative hub made up of like-minded people with shared interests. To have a space where creators can congregate to swap stories, share ideas, and freely collaborate is a dream.” His own podcast with Noah, Visitations, will return as part of the curated slate as well. Jim Perry serves as the network director; he’s also the creator of strange-tales documentary podcast Euphomet.

Watch the trailer below for more names coming to SpectreVision Radio soon.


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