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Is Jana Duggar Engaged? Then What’s With The RING?!

Jana Duggar has been the subject of non-stop engagement rumors for almost as long as she’s been famous.

As far as we know, she’s still single, so obviously, those reports have all turned out to be bogus.

But fans have now noticed a surprising indication that Jana might actually be heading to the altar soon.

Jana Duggar talks to producers during her time on Counting On. (TLC)

Jana Duggar’s Triumphant Return to the Internet

As we previously reported, Jana returned to social media last week following a hiatus of nearly two months.

And before breaking her silence with a Mother’s Day tribute to Michelle Duggar, Jana had been absent from online spaces for nearly two years!

Needless to say, fans had a tough time keeping tabs on Jana during that time.

And her latest Instagram update has convinced Jana’s followers that she’s on the verge of a major milestone!

Is Jana Rocking an Engagement Ring?

The 34-year-old former reality star posted a carousel of photos from a recent visit to Charleston, South Carolina.

In one of the pics, Jana is seen posing next to her twin brother, John David.

Jana Duggar on TVJana Duggar on TV
Jana Duggar finds something funny in this photo. (TLC)

And commenters noticed that she seems to be rocking a sizable diamond on her left ring finger.

“Engagement ring?!! Did I miss something?” one user wrote, according to Us.

“This definitely has to be an engagement ring,” another added.

“If Jana has a ring great if it means something great if not so be it,” a third chimed in.

“Jana has such a pure heart and I wish her the best but I see several beautiful pictures John and Abby’s beautiful angel is so happy.”

Jana Duggar on the couchJana Duggar on the couch
Jana Duggar sits for an interview during her time on TLC. (TLC)

No Confirmation From Jana

Jana’s initial decision to return to social media prompted rumors that she might be on the verge of a big announcement.

But thus far, she has not commented on the engagement rumors.

In Jana’s recent YouTube video — her first in two years — she spoke extensively about recent developments in her life.

But they mostly had to do with her garden and other projects around the home.

Jana Duggar Courting?Jana Duggar Courting?
Jana Duggar appears on her family’s second TLC reality show, Counting On. (TLC)

“So it’s been a little while since I’ve shared an update so I wanted to show you all what I’ve been up to the past few months on the farm and some fun projects that we’ve been working on,” Jana told her audience.

“That’s really where the memories are made, is in those late nights, you’re all kind of just having a good time.

“Yes, you’re tired, but you look back on it and the project is finished and you’re completely done with it,” she continued.

Jana Duggar smiles at the camera during a camping trip.Jana Duggar smiles at the camera during a camping trip.
Jana Duggar smiles at the camera during a camping trip. (YouTube)

“I absolutely love this time of year, you can see the flowers growing, the vegetables are starting to grow,” Jana said. “It’s just new life that is blossoming everywhere. It is so beautiful out here.”

Needless to say, Jana sounds quite content.

But given how secretive the Duggars have been in recent years, it might be a while before we find out if that’s a sign of a new love in her life!

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