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Is Thai GL Series The Secret of Us Based on a Novel?

The Secret of Us, starring Lingling Sirilak Kwong and Orm Kornnaphat Sethratanapong, premiered last month and has become the talk of the internet. Thai dramas are popular for their cast in the BL (Boy Love) catalog. However, the Girl Love segment has taken over the trends as several Thai GL dramas garnered attention this year. The latest title, The Secret of Us, is already a hit among fans. While the drama is in the middle of its broadcast, it has received an impressive 8.4/10 early rating on IMDb and 8.1/10 on MyDramaList. As The Secret of Us continues to win over fans, here’s all about the novel it is based on. 

Thai GL series The Secret of Us: Which novel is it based on?

Per MyDramaList, The Secret of Us is the Thai drama adaptation of the web novel titled Jai Son Rak by Meenam. The series follows the story of Doctor Fahlada, who was left heartbroken when Earn ended their relationship. Following the split, the former was unable to open up her heart to anyone else anymore as she carried the scar from her past love. Things took a turn when Fahlada came across Earn again years later. Following the dramatic reunion, the latter tried to make up with her former lover. However, Earn must overcome several obstacles, as Fahlada has developed a deep hatred for her over the years after her heartbreak. 

Thai GL drama The Secret of US: Where to read the novel that inspired the series?

The Secret of Us web novel is available to read in English on the MEB app. It is available to purchase for THB 375 (about $10). The site also notes that it has 657 pages.

Meanwhile, fans can tune in for new episodes of the drama The Secret of Us every Monday on Channel 3. Alternatively, international fans can watch it on 3Plus. 

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