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Local Police Dismissed Our Case

Image Instagrammed by Divyanka Tripathi. (courtesy: DivyankaTripathi)

New Delhi:

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, who celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary together in Europe, fell victims to a robbery in Florence. The popular television couple lost belongings like wallets, passports, valuable items worth Rs 10 lakh. Vivek Dahiya narrated the ordeal in detail in an interview with ETimes. Vivek also mentioned they need help to return to India as they are left with no money. Vivek and Divyanka arrived to explore the beautiful city of Florence on Wednesday. Speaking to ETimes,  Vivek said, “Everything about this trip has been incredible, except for this incident. We arrived in Florence yesterday and planned to stay for a day. We went to check out a property we liked for our stay and left all our belongings in a car parked outside. However, when we returned to get our stuff, we were shocked to find that the car had been broken into, and our passports, wallets, money, shopping, and all our valuable items were gone. Fortunately, they left behind some old clothes and food items.”

Vivek added when he reached out to the local police, they dismissed their case. He said, “We tried contacting the local police, but they dismissed our case, saying that without CCTV cameras in that specific area, they can’t help us. They even felt there was no point in them visiting the location. The police station shuts at 6 pm, and after that, they can’t offer any assistance. We also tried reaching out to the embassy, but unfortunately, they had already closed for the day.”

Vivek said they need bureaucratic intervention to return to India. “We are in a small town near Florence. The hotel staff has been kind and helpful to us. But we are stuck without any cash and urgently need the embassy’s assistance. We require temporary passports and substantial help from the embassy to get back to India, as we have nothing with us,” he said.

Sharing the pictures from Europe, Divyanka wished her husband Vivek Dahiya happy wedding anniversary and she wrote in the caption, “Saath…Yeh zindagi ek khubsoorat carousel si hi hai! Happy wedding anniversary… from us to us.” Take a look:

Divyanka married her Ye Hai Mohabbatein co-actor Vivek on July 8, 2016, in Bhopal.

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