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MasterChef Season 14 Episode 7 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

MasterChef Season 14 Episode 7 release date and time have been announced. Viewers can know how to watch, and which streaming platforms will air the show..

In a surprising twist for MasterChef: Generations, episode 6 throws the contestants a history lesson. In this episode, the contestants face a classic mystery box challenge, but with a twist. The ingredients will be the same ones used in the very first MasterChef season 1 mystery box. The pressure is on to create impressive dishes using these familiar yet potentially limiting ingredients.

When is the MasterChef Season 14 Episode 7 release date & time?

The episode’s release date is 17 July, 2024 and its release time is 8 pm ET.

Viewers can go through the table below to know about the US and UK release timings.

TimezoneRelease DateRelease Time
Eastern Time (U.S.)July 17, 20248 p.m.
Pacific Time (U.S.)July 17, 20245 p.m.
Central Time (U.S.)July 17, 20247 p.m.
British Summer Time (U.K.)July 17, 20241 a.m.

Where to watch MasterChef Season 14 Episode 7 for free

You can watch MasterChef Season 14 Episode 7 for free via Fox and Hulu.

Fox is a traditional television network which is home to popular shows like Family Guy and reality hits like The Masked Singer. You can watch these shows live with a cable subscription, or stream them the next day on Hulu.

Hulu is a streaming service offering a wide variety of content, including its original shows, movies, and TV shows from networks like Fox. Hulu offers a 30-day free trial post signing up to its first-time viewers.

What is MasterChef about?

MasterChef is a cooking competition show where passionate home cooks vie for the title of culinary champion. Through a series of challenges, contestants prove their skills by creating innovative dishes under pressure. They face tasks like replicating mystery ingredients, mastering specific cuisines, and cooking for large crowds. Renowned chefs judge their creations, sending the least impressive cooks home each week until the ultimate MasterChef is crowned.

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