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New Report Shows Trump Told a Big, Fat Lie When He Claimed to Have No Idea Who Was Behind Project 2025

As the public becomes aware of Trump allies Project 2025 plans to remake the entire federal government into a dystopian conservative nightmare, ex-president Donald Trump is doing what he always does: refusing to take accountability for what he’s going to do.

So Trump has said he doesn’t even know the people behind Project 2025, writing on his embattled social media platform, “I have no idea who is behind it,” a statement that is so false as to be laughable on its face given that several of his top people are behind it, including Paul Dans whom Trump installed late in his disastrous presidency in an attempt to gain even more control over federal employees.

But now a CNN deep dive has found that at least 140 people who worked for Trump in his administration are involved and nearly 240 people with ties to both Project 2025 and the presumed Republican nominee and now convicted felon and adjudicated rapist.

From Cabinet secretaries to ambassadors to his immigration enforcers and a stunning 20 pages they found credited to his first deputy chief of staff, Trump’s people were involved with the Heritage Foundation in the 900-page plot to destroy the United States democracy as we know it.

CNN also found even more people who staffed his government like “his former chief of staff Mark Meadows and longtime adviser Stephen Miller.”

Pointedly, in case anyone missed the memo that the Project 2025 plans are anti-democratic, “These groups also include several lawyers deeply involved in Trump’s attempts to remain in power, such as his impeachment attorney Jay Sekulow and two of the legal architects of his failed bid to overturn the 2020 presidential election, Cleta Mitchell and John Eastman.”

Trump plays a game that has served him well with a press that takes his denials at face value (while clearly not giving President Biden the same deference), so his deliberate habit of saying something inflammatory and then saying the opposite or saying he didn’t say it or didn’t mean it has been very effective for him in clearing him of accountability from the media. But here he is saying he needs the Heritage Foundation to achieve his tax cuts through the House and Senate, which is evidence that they have worked together to push through what many economists say was a harmful agenda before:

Donald Trump is doing the same thing on the issue of abortion. He brags about overturning Roe but then doesn’t want the blame for overturning Roe, so he tells the media he’s a moderate on abortion and he’s “softening” the RNC platform. Because of Donald Trump’s entire career, it’s very easy to call that what it is: Trump changes his tune to whatever people want to hear at that moment. What he says at any given moment will be the opposite of what he’s said before.

Donald Trump knows hundreds of people involved in Project 2025. Many of them worked for him to advance his agenda when he was in the White House. He is lying when he says he doesn’t know them.

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