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Pacific Rim x State Of Survival Crossover Gives The Kaiju A Scary New Army


  • State of Survival
    introduces a
    Pacific Rim
    crossover with Jaegers and Kaiju, offering new rewards and gameplay modes, with
    Screen Rant
    exclusively revealing the trailer.
  • Players can use Jaegers Striker Eureka and Gipsy Avenger to battle zombies and Kaiju.
  • The collaboration offers different ways to fight, including Base Defense Mode, Roguelike Mode, and Boss Battle Mode, with special
    Pacific Rim
    -themed rewards.

State of Survival players will face a whole new kind of threat with an exciting new Pacific Rim crossover event, introducing both Jaegers and Kaiju into the game’s zombie-ridden world. The collaboration begins today, July 4, and will offer a myriad of new rewards and creatures for fans to face. Existing characters like Sarge and Becca will gain a whole new way to fight the undead after being given Jaegers from another universe’s Pan Pacific Defense Corps, bringing the two franchises together in a whole new way.

Beginning at 5 pm PT today, a whole new threat will come to State of SurvivalPacific Rim‘s Precursors have unleashed Kaiju into the world – Knifehead and Obsidian Fury – and their secondary hormones are able to control the hordes of zombies that roam the land. Screen Rant can exclusively announce the collaboration with the official trailer below!

Players will be able to utilize the Jaegers Striker Eureka and Gipsy Avenger to fight back, bringing an epic new way to battle into the title. Players will be able to fight these zombies and giant beasts for the next week, earning exclusive items and taking advantage of all the power Jaegers have to offer.


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State Of Survival x Pacific Rim Trailer Teases Epic Battles

Zombies, Kaiju, & Jaegers Offer Innovative New Battles

Screenshot from cinematic trailer for State of Survival: facing out of a plane, a gunman aims at a Kaiju

The cinematic reveal trailer for State of Survival‘s Pacific Rim collaboration showcases the power Kaiju hold and their influence over the world’s zombies. Giant Jaegers shown in the footage show off their raw power, and set the stage for epic encounters in-game that Pacific Rim fans will enjoy. The overall scale of combat will change drastically with this event, meaning players’ strategies will have to evolve with it.

While Jaegers and Kaiju have a somewhat level playing field when it comes to size, zombies being added into the equation shifts this power balance. Players will need to manage their defensive tactics against on-the-ground hordes while simultaneously dealing with giant monsters. The trailer showed off some seriously impressive moves from both Jaegers and Kaiju, which both have the potential to leave great destruction in their wake.

Fight Kaiju In Powerful New Ways

High-Powered Combat & Exciting Pacific Rim Rewards

A Pacific Rim Kaiju as seen in the State of Survival trailer falls to the ground.

There have been many fun State of Survival collaborations in the past, but this one holds particular promise when it comes to changing gameplay. The event will have three different ways to fight: Base Defense Mode, which centers on utilizing Striker Eureka to fend off the undead, Roguelike Mode, where players can participate in tough battles with either Jaeger to earn rewards, and Boss Battle Mode, which features both a single player fight against Obsidian Fury and multiplayer option against Knifehead. Alongside new combat, players will also have a myriad of special items they can earn.

Some special items can be earned simply through signing in or a spin of the Lucky Wheel, while others, like a new Pacific Rim-themed card collection, will need to be earned. There are several skins and decor available for purchase as well, like Hero Statues and HQ Skins. With so many different ways to fight, this unexpected Pacific Rim collaboration makes State of Survival take on a more epic scale than ever before.

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