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Qantas Frequent Flyers Take to the Skies with Classic Plus

Last week marked a significant milestone for Qantas Frequent Flyers as thousands of members departed Australia using the airline’s new Classic Plus reward seats for the first time. Since Classic Plus bookings went live in April, Qantas Frequent Flyers have redeemed an unprecedented 10.7 billion points on Qantas international flight bookings, a third more than what members used before the launch of Classic Plus.

Classic Plus: A Game Changer for Qantas Frequent Flyers

Classic Plus represents one of the biggest-ever expansions to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, making it easier for members to use their points for travel, even during peak periods. More than 80,000 passengers will start departing on their Classic Plus reward flights from today, with Tokyo, London, Singapore, Queenstown, and Bali among the most popular destinations booked. A third of Classic Plus passengers will also travel in First, Business, and Premium Economy cabins.

Qantas Loyalty CEO Andrew Glance said flight redemptions remain the most popular way Qantas Frequent Flyers use their points, with Classic Plus adding to the options for members. “Our members are booking nine reward seats every minute. Classic Plus has been a game changer, making it even easier for them to use their points for what matters most – which we know is travel,” said Mr Glance.

More Value, More Availability

While usually requiring more points than the existing Classic reward seats, Classic Plus represents some of the best points value across the frequent flyer program and with much wider availability. The points required to book Classic Plus reward seats vary like regular airfares, which means they are lower in off-peak periods and higher during peak periods and when booked at the last minute.

Since Classic Plus launched, Qantas has already offered six international sales, discounting hundreds of thousands of reward seats for members across all cabin types. “Another unique feature about Classic Plus is that the price point drops during a sale. We’ve already offered sales to North America, Asia and New Zealand in recent weeks, and many members have snapped up reward seats at a very sharp points price,” Mr Glance said.

A Bright Future for Qantas Frequent Flyers

In addition to Classic Plus, Qantas continues to offer more than 5 million Classic reward seats across Qantas, Jetstar and the Group’s 45 partner airlines, with no change in the points required to book these seats since 2019. Once Classic Plus is rolled out across the Qantas domestic network by the end of 2024, members will have access to over 20 million reward seats across the rolling 12-month booking period.

Where Qantas Frequent Flyers are Travelling To

From families of four travelling from Sydney to Bali to return in Economy for 59,500 points each to couples travelling from Sydney to London to return in Premium Economy for 266,600 points each, Qantas Frequent Flyers are taking to the skies and exploring the world with Classic Plus.

As Qantas Frequent Flyers embark on their journeys, they do so with the knowledge that their loyalty is being rewarded with unforgettable travel experiences. With Classic Plus, Qantas is not only providing more options for its members but also enhancing the value of their points,

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