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Ryan Garcia stuns fans with bizarre behaviour during poker game with Jimmy Butler, Neymar and Chris Eubank Jr

Ryan Garcia shadow-boxed and flexed his muscles during a bizarre poker game with sporting royalty.

Garcia took some down time away from boxing, having discovered he will now serve a one-year ban from the sport after failing two pre-fight drugs tests before his overturned win against Devin Haney.


Garcia danced and had high energy while playing on a star-studded tableCredit: Hustler Casino

The young superstar is regularly seen alongside sporting loyalty given his status on social media and in the ring, but none more so than during a poker match.

He sat on a table alongside some of sport’s most high-profile names including football star Neymar, fellow boxer Chris Eubank Jr and NBA star Jimmy Butler.

A video has emerged of Garcia during the betting game, where he first downed an alcoholic beverage and began eating during his turn.

He then shouted ‘I’m different’ after a move before making some crude gestures to the table.

Garcia then shadow boxed and through a quick punch, showing a comical glimpse of his lightning hand speed.

He insisted he was ‘feeling great’ and was clearly enjoying the game.

But fans were left stunned by his behaviour, with one writing: “Living his best life but he needs to stop with the alcohol.”

Another wrote: “What is he doing? Jimmy Butler wants nothing to do with him.”

Butler was more focused on the game than Garcia


Butler was more focused on the game than GarciaCredit: Hustler Casino

One claimed with a positive message: “I wanna see Garcia fight again and these habits concern me.”

A viewer said: “His downfall is looking legendary. He’s trying to be the most annoying boxer.”

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Others were less worried, with one writing: “Bro is just enjoying retired life.”

Another added: “We all have one friend like Ryan Garcia. Dude’s the funniest guy.”

A final fan concluded: “This man is living his best life.”

Neymar is one of football’s biggest stars, but is currently out injured having signed for Saudi Pro League outfit Al Hilal in 2023.

Eubank Jr hasn’t fought since beating Liam Smith last year, and is waiting for his next fight after becoming a free agent.

Butler is a six-time NBA All-Star who currently plays as a small forward for NBA outfit Miami Heat.

Garcia concerned fans with his behaviour before his stunning performance over Haney, but later insisted it was all an act.

He will now face an extended period out of the ring, having claimed he was retired prior to his ban.

An immediate rematch with Haney looks on the cards, when he is able to return in 2025.

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