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Students sponsored by Bali Dynasty Resort graduate from Vocation Tourism Schools


While prioritising family fun, Bali Dynasty Resort is also focusing on its Corporate Social Responsibility program ‘Helping Friends For Life’ . One of the organisations that Bali Dynasty has recently sponsored is the wonderful Bali Children’s Project.

Bali Dynasty Resort were recently invited to celebrate the graduation ceremony of 125 students that Bali Children’s Project have assisted to finish their schooling. Bali Dynasty Resort has proudly sponsored four of these students: Ida Ayu Nyoman Ganetri from Vocational High School Pandawa Bali Global Abiansemal, Putu Wirantini from Vocational High School 1 Singaraja, I Putu Supawan from Vocational High School Ratna Wartha Ubud, and Ni Putu Natalia from Vocational High School Widya Mandala Mambal.

“I was delighted to meet them in person, talk about their schooling process and their dreams, and very happy to hear that some of them have been accepted to work in the tourism industry, some as waitresses, housekeeping, and butlers” – Bella Ayu Virdani.

During the event, we followed the rundown from the owner’s introduction, the symbolic gesture of presenting jackets and Bali Children Project pins, and the release of four doves as a symbol of freedom and new beginnings.

The Bali Children’s Project is a registered non-profit in Bali, Indonesia. They are dedicated to helping children in Bali escape poverty through education to create better futures. Their programs include Sponsor a Child, School Backpacks, Sex Education, Child Protection, Bali Green Communities, School Renovations, and Library Renovations.

In collaboration with Bali Dynasty Resort, we help sponsor kids who are in danger of failing to continue their schooling. Each child has a different background story and problem, such as being unable to afford school fees. Some of the children have only one year left to graduate. Because education is so important, Bali Dynasty Resort is happy to support several students from the Bali Children’s Project by sponsoring them to make a brighter future, get a proper education and help them continue their dreams.

Bali Dynasty Resort, renowned for its authentic Balinese hospitality, proudly stands as a premier 5-star beachside resort nestled in the heart of South Kuta, Bali. This fully integrated resort offers a luxurious and family-friendly escape, featuring an array of amenities and activities for guests of all ages. Bali Dynasty Resort offers 313 guest rooms, including suites, with a variety of room types to suit all needs. In collaboration with Bali Children project, we hope Bali Children Project and Bali Dynasty Resort continue our support and collaboration to create brighter futures for students in Bali. Together, we are stronger in supporting the kids to continue their education and achieve their dreams.



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