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Ten Interesting Facts About The Renewable Energy Industry

We all know renewable energy is clean energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, including carbon-neutral sources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. But what you might not know are these ten facts about the industry as a whole. While most of the growth seen recently is in India the whole world is starting to use more of this kind of energy and that means we get some interesting facts and stats to look at…

In 2021 $2 trillion Worldwide Was Invested in Renewable Energy

With a larger goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 more and more countries are indeed investing in this kind of energy. But this year we have seen the biggest increase in that funding, despite many countries struggling with the global pandemic.

Solar and Wind Generators Get More Efficient Every Year

Each year wind and solar generators get even more efficient and not just in terms of technology used, but in the software they operate on. In 2020 a wind farm located just off the coast of Iceland saw a 200% increase in power generation by a simple software update and even older power farms are seeing improvements year on year.

Renewable Energy Creates More Jobs

Renewable Energy Creates More Jobs

A recent statistical study revealed the creation of renewable energy as a whole creates 5 times more jobs than any fossil fuel contact that has gone before it. Not only were there more jobs, but most of them were higher-paid especially in the construction industry. As a side fact, over 32% of those jobs went to females making it the highest number in the energy market.

Iceland Use 100% Renewable Energy

They are the first country to do this and most of it is generated by geothermal energy thanks to all the active volcanoes. What is more interesting is Iceland has been using renewable energy for over 2000 years! Yes, even ancient Icelanders used geothermal vents to cook their food!

The UK Produces a Lot of Wind Power

Here in the UK, we generate nearly 66 million MWh of electricity a year via wind farms. While we are not the worlds biggest country for producing wind-powered energy it still accounts to over 11% of all power used and that is impressive.

In the Last 20 Years Renewable Energy Has Increased by 4,300%

Way back in 2001 just 1% of all the worlds power was produced with renewable recourses! But more forward 20 years about now that number is 17% and growing year on year.

Albert Einstein Invented The Solar Panel

Albert Einstein Invented The Solar Panel

OK, so he didn’t make one himself, but without his discovery of the photoelectric effect, there would be no solar panels. For a man born in 1921 that is a pretty impressive feat.

You Can Make Renewable Energy From Food Waste

It’s called ‘anaerobic digesters’ and it basically means we can generate energy from our own rubbish. While it sadly isn’t the cleanest of all the different forms of renewable energy it is the most interesting.

You Don’t Need Sun To Produce Solar Energy

Most people know the more sun exposure a solar panel has the more electricity is produced. However, you can still produce solar energy on a cloudy or even rainy day. The only time you can’t produce it is sundown, but that kind of goes without saying.

Ten Interesting Facts About The Renewable Energy Industry

It Will Save us All Money in The End

You might have already considered switching your energy supplier to renewable energy anyway, but renewable energy plants (once they are built) need less maintenance overall which means fewer costs and that means the more this form of energy is used the cheaper all our power bills will be!

Do you get your power from renewable energy? Or are you considering making the switch? If you are why not let us all know in the comments below.

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