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Terrifying footage shows ‘semi-unconscious’ Johnny Walker being knocked out cold at UFC Saudi Arabia

Johnny Walker suffered a brutal knockout loss at UFC Saudi Arabia.

The long-time light heavyweight contender squared off against former 205lb title challenger Volkan Oezdemir in an eagerly anticipated fight at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh on Saturday night.


Oezdemir picked up his biggest win in yearsCredit: Getty

Walker was put to sleep by a vicious series of punches just before the midway point of round one.

Oezdemir started the fight well and had his opponent on the back foot before connecting with a flush left hook that put him down.

Walker got back to his feet and tried to do everything he could to stay in the fight – including throwing a flying knee – but seconds later he was snoring on the Octagon floor.

Oezdemir connected with a short right uppercut that made the Brazilian’s legs completely give out.


The fight was over, but the Swiss UFC star was allowed to hit his stricken rival with another massive uppercut while he was defenceless on the ground.

Walker, who trains at the same gym as Conor McGregor, was knocked unconscious and remained on the floor for several worrying moments.

Thankfully, the 32-year-old got back to his feet and seemed fine.

UFC commentator Michael Bisping thought referee Jason Herzog’s stoppage was a little late as Walker was ‘semi-unconscious’ after the second knockdown.  

Walker was defenceless when Oezdemir landed his KO blow


Walker was defenceless when Oezdemir landed his KO blowCredit: Getty
The Brazilian didn't move after taking a massive right hand


The Brazilian didn’t move after taking a massive right handCredit: Getty

MMA fans watching along at home voiced similar opinions on social media.

One person tweeted: “The follow-up shot is wild.”

Another wrote: “Is Herzog trying to get Walker killed ffs”

A third person joked: “Early stoppage, Walker is still alive.”

Walker is now on a two-fight skid after being KO’d for the sixth time in his career.

Oezdemir has put back-to-back wins together for the time since 2019.

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