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The Acolyte’s Black Smoke Force Power Explained By Showrunner


  • Brendok witches showcase new powers, transforming into black smoke in The Acolyte episode 7.
  • The Force witches may be the key to Brendok’s rejuvenation.
  • The Sith never mastered all dark side techniques, and thankfully didn’t learn this one.

The Acolyte episode 7 introduced a new Force power, with the witches of Brendok proving capable of transforming into ethereal black smoke. It’s long been clear that the witches of Brendok possess abilities beyond the experience of either Jedi or Sith. The point was proven in The Acolyte episode 7, when the witches demonstrated the ability to transform into black smoke in an effect visually reminiscent of Death Eater disapparation in Harry Potter.

Speaking to Nerdist, The Acolyte showrunner Leslye Headland has explained what’s really going on with this mysterious new Force power. “What she is doing is what Jecki says in episode four, that it’s an honor to see anyone transform into the Force. I believe that Aniseya is transforming herself and Mae into the Force in a way that doesn’t kill them,” she explains. Conceptually, it seems to be similar to Force Ghosts, although the black smoke seems to indicate it is of the dark side.


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The Acolyte’s Force Witches May Be Responsible For Brendok’s Restoration

Indara, Koril, and Sol gathered around a campfire at their camp in Brendok in The Acolyte season 1 episode 7
Image via Disney+

This Force power may be an important clue to what’s happening on Brendok. As seen in The Acolyte episode 7, the Jedi traveled to Brendok because it was recovering from a hyperspace disaster at an unusually fast rate. They believed this was tied to a vergence in the Force; while there is such a vergence on Brendok, it appears to be tied to the dark side, meaning it’s unlikely this is the reason for the planet’s rejuvenation. The witches, however, may be the true explanation.

Timothy Zahn’s canon novel Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good hints that Force Ghosts can influence the physical world from what they call “the Beyond.” In fact, the book introduces a mysterious cult whose world has been ravaged, and who seek to die purely so they can help their planet heal from a devastating disaster. If the witches are becoming (albeit briefly) one with the Force in a manner analogous to Force Ghosts, then they could be having the same effect.

It’s A Good Job Palpatine Didn’t Possess This Force Power

Palpatine smiling under his hood in Return of the Jedi

As powerful as the Sith may be, they never mastered every dark side technique. In this case, it’s certainly a good job Palpatine never learned to become one with the Force in this way; imagine him teleporting out of the reactor shaft in Return of the Jedi. Fortunately, there’s no reason to believe any Sith ever learned this trick, or even discovered it was possible. It remains the province of Force witches such as the cultists of Brendok and the Nightsisters.

Source: Nerdist

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