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The Bachelor’s Kelsey Anderson Accused Of Being “Totally Wacked” As Joey Graziadei Relationship Concerns Grow


  • Kelsey Anderson from The Bachelor claps back at a critic in a sarcastic TikTok video, addressing negative comments with humor.
  • Despite facing backlash, Kelsey and Joey Graziadei are still showcasing their relationship on social media, sparking rumors of a potential breakup.
  • Reality TV stars like Kelsey should respond to negativity by blocking accounts or ignoring the negative comments completely.

The Bachelor‘s Kelsey Anderson put a TikTok user on blast amid growing backlash toward her relationship with Joey Graziadei. Joey and Kelsey met and fell in love during The Bachelor season 28, which saw Joey propose to Kelsey after sending over two dozen women home and witnessing three contestants quit their journey of finding love on TV. Ever since The Bachelor ended, they’ve posted adorable photos and videos showing off their relationship on social media. Unfortunately, in recent weeks, Kelsey and Joey have come face-to-face with growing criticism and worries over whether they will last as a couple.

The Bachelor
star Kelsey Anderson confronted one of her critics on TikTok in a sarcastic video after being called ”
totally wacked

In a new TikTok video, Kelsey directly confronted one of her critics. The Bachelor winner filmed herself in a car and added a negative comment for all of her followers to see. The reply from DarDar61 bluntly said, “Your totally wacked [sic].”

Kelsey acknowledged that the TikTok user came for her and added, “The rude comments are always the best from older people, like this one.” After reading the comment, Kelsey scrunched up her face and exclaimed, “What?” She then sarcastically added that she liked the comment and called it “original.” Kelsey concluded her video by sharing a screenshot of the definition of the word “whacked” from Vocabulary, which says that the word means “exhausted or worn out.”

Should Kelsey Anderson & Joey Graziadei Ignore Relationship Backlash?

The Bachelor Stars Should Ignore Their Critics

It’s not completely clear if the TikTok user meant to say “wacked” or “whacked” since Kelsey’s Vocabulary screenshot showed a different spelling of the word. However, after User7295997110936 agreed with the word’s definition and saying they were also exhausted and worn out, DarDar61 tried to defend the initial comment and replied, “That’s what I meant, I thought she was going nuts.” It’s unclear what this person meant when they thought Kelsey was going nuts. For a different definition, Urban Dictionary defines “wack” as “something that really sucks.”

Even though Kelsey called out this particular hater for all her followers to see, she made sure to respond in a lighthearted way that showcased her funny personality. If reality TV stars are going to respond to negative messages, it’s better to do it in a way that makes the situation humorous. However, it’s probably not the best idea to give online trolls more attention than they deserve. There’s a danger in amplifying negativity on social media because it gives certain people the idea that they can continue causing harm since they’ll be noticed by a celebrity or TV personality.


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Kelsey’s new TikTok video comes at a time when her relationship with Joey is facing more scrutiny than ever before. Speculation keeps spreading all over the Internet and social media over whether they’re showing signs that they’re about to break up. Rumors keep popping up that both Joey and Kelsey have addressed, including alleged money issues. While it’s good to put a stop to terrible rumors, calling out specific comments that are negative in nature is not the best route; she and Joey should instead block the account or else ignore it completely.

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