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The Boys Season 4 Episode 6’s Batman & Alfred Parody (& It’s Major Consequences) Explained By Eric Kripke

This article contains spoilers from The Boys season 4, episode 6, “Dirty Business.”


  • The Boys
    showrunner Eric Kripke discusses the Batman parody in season 4, episode 6, featuring Tek Knight and his butler’s twist on Alfred and Batman.
  • Kripke reveals Tek Knight’s death was a satisfying ending, subverting expectations and highlighting the character’s awful nature.
  • Season 4 of
    The Boys
    continues to parody superhero media, with effective parodies like Webweaver and the Vought Cinematic Universe showcasing the series’ unique take on superheroes.

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke addresses the Batman and Alfred Pennyworth parody in season 4, episode 6, and its consequences. The series has parodied DC superheroes from the beginning, with Homelander as The Boys‘ twisted version of Superman, Queen Maeve as Wonder Woman, the Deep as Aquaman, and A-Train as the Flash. Tek Knight, who made his onscreen debut in Gen V, parodies Batman, emphasized in the latest episode by his exorbitant wealth, a butler who has raised him since he was a young orphan, and a secret lair known as the Tek Cave.

While speaking with TV Insider, Kripke explained how the Batman parody went in a new direction during the events of “Dirty Business.” Kripke discussed how he and the writers used preconceived notions about “a real famous superhero” to subvert expectations, with Tek Knight’s butler being the one to murder him. He also hinted at how Vought will handle Tek Knight’s death and why this was a satisfying ending for the character. Check out Kripke’s comments below:

At this moment at least they’re keeping Tek Knight’s death kind of on the down low. But he’s so awful. He just deserves a unique spot in hell. And we were just so taken with the idea that you are a wealthy orphan-turned-vigilante who has a butler take care of you. And the Butler is finally so sick of your s**t that he murders you. Such a delightful play on a real famous superhero that we just couldn’t avoid it.

Tek Knight, The V52 Expo, And Webweaver Have All Been Highlights Of Season 4

Essentially having Alfred kill Batman is only one of several effective superhero parodies in The Boys season 4. One of the best examples was in the previous episode, “Beware the Jabberwock, My Son,” in which phases 7-19 were unveiled for the Vought Cinematic Universe, providing enough movies and television series to last for decades, a clear jab at Marvel’s announcements of phases for years to come. The parody was made even better with titles including G-Men: Days Past from the Future and A-Train: Into the Multiverse, a clear play on X-Men: Days of Future Past and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

G2: G-Men,
The Tek Knight,
Tek Knight: Night Light
were among the other titles featured at the V52 Expo.

“Dirty Business” thenintroduced Webweaver, The Boys‘ take on Spider-Man. Webweaver was mentioned earlier in season 4 when Billy Butcher gave him a heroin enema in exchange for incriminating information about Firecracker, but he wasn’t seen until the new episode. The Boys took his costume to infiltrate Tek Knight’s exclusive party in the hopes of learning what Tek Knight and Sister Sage have been planning. In typical Boys‘ fashion, Webweaver’s web-shooting abilities had nothing to do with saving people, and entered far cruder territory.

Between the projects announced at the V52 Expo, the introduction of Webweaver, and how everything unfolded with Tek Knight in the Tek Cave, The Boys continues to find new and hilarious ways to parody superhero media. With superhero parody, specifically of DC and Marvel, being a vital piece of what distinguished The Boys in the first place, it’s good to see the series returning to its roots. Tek Knight may be dead, but Homelander, the Deep, A-Train, Webweaver, and other characters leave plenty of room for superhero satire.

Source: TV Insider

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