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The New Samsung Galaxy Buds Look Exactly Like AirPods

Following a dramatic transformation, the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 look nothing like their predecessors. A sleek, long Apple AirPods-type stem, or as Samsung calls it, a “blade,” has replaced the little bean-shaped design on the past iterations of the Galaxy Buds.

At Samsung Unpacked, we saw the release of two new earbuds: the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. The biggest visual and functional difference that sets them apart is that the base model features an open design, while the Pros sport a canal design.

This makes the former more suitable when using their buds for an extended period since an open design reduces ear fatigue. They’re also ideal for running or other outdoor activities when you need some situational awareness alongside your music. The Pro’s canal design delivers immersive sound and blocks out ambient noise. The base model can also block outside sound as both models offer ANC.

Another crucial difference is the speakers on the buds. The Pros feature two-way speakers with a planar tweeter and dual amplifiers, while the base model has a one-way speaker. This means that the Pros will offer better high-frequency sound, thanks to the tweeter, and the dual amplifiers will help with a clearer, more detailed soundstage.

Both new models sport a blade (or stem) that can be pinched at or swiped up and down on to control the device or tweak volume. The Pros take it a step further by also offering blade lights.

With Adaptive ANC and Adaptive EQ on both models, Samsung claims that your internal and external sound will be intelligently analyzed in real-time to offer you the best possible listening experience wherever you are.

Both buds are rated IP57 and should hold up to water pretty well. Wireless charging is also supported across the Galaxy Buds 3 series. The Galaxy Buds 3 will retail for $180, and the Pro for $250. Both models come in Silver and White and are available for pre-order starting today, with general availability starting July 24.

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