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The Other Way Season 4?


  • Gabe created Get More Proud Wear for female-to-male trans individuals.
  • Gabe was scammed in Colombia and had visa issues post-return to Miami.
  • Gabe announced a divorce from Isabel and started a GoFundMe for legal costs.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Gabriel AKA Gabe Pabon and Isabel Posada are involved in major drama in 2024, a year since they were last seen together in season 4. Gabe is a trans man from Margate, Florida. He got married to Isabel from Medellín, Colombia, on the reality TV show. Isabel was a single mother to two kids, Sara and Miguel. Their storyline focused on Gabe’s transgender identity.

Gabe created a brand named Get More Proud Wear. It is underwear for people who’ve undergone the female-to-male transition but have not had bottom surgery yet. The underwear already has a bulge in it. Gabe came up with the idea for his business when his packer fell out of his pants when he was swimming. Gabe made the foam packers himself but got the underwear manufactured. He was in Colombia looking for a supplier to sew his underpants when he met Isabel. They had met at a mutual friend’s house. Gabe had “immediate chemistry” with her.


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Isabel’s Parents Didn’t Know Gabe Was Trans

Gabe Has To Convince Isabel’s Parents Before Marrying Her

Gabriel and Isabel from 90 Day Fiancé posing close together outside

Gabe had gone out with Isabel on the first night itself. He was relieved that Isabel didn’t want to have sex with him that night. Isabel did not know that Gabe was trans. He decided to tell her the truth the next day. Isabel was very accepting of Gabe’s sexual identity and told her it didn’t matter to her. Gabe was living with Isabel and her two kids in Colombia for a few months before he moved there permanently on The Other Way. However, before they could get married, Gabe had to inform Isabel’s religious parents about him being trans.

Gabe & Isabel Got Married In November 2022

Gabe’s Sister Monica Didn’t Attend The Wedding

While Isabel’s parents were happy to have Gabe as their son-in-law, his own sister Monica skipped the wedding. Monica was Gabe’s “best man” but had decided to sit the entire celebration out. She had issues with Gabe dating Isabel, but they had a spat before the ceremony when Gabe told Monica she was the reason most of his relationships hadn’t worked out. However, they made amends during the Tell All. Gabe shared a sweet post for Isabel after their nuptials were aired on the show. He called her a “beautiful bride and amazing mother” in a now-deleted post.

Gabe Returned To Miami In December 2023

Gabe Was Scammed & Also Overstayed His Visa

Gabe took to YouTube in December 2023 to reveal he was back in America. Someone had stolen his phone in Colombia and later hacked into his bank account through his phone, leaving only “32 cents” in his account. He claimed the person bought things like liquor from a delivery app using his money and Gabe couldn’t stop them. Gabe had to come to Miami to sort out the issue with his bank. Moreover, while Gabe was allowed to leave Colombia, he learned he had overstayed his visa by over 40 days and couldn’t fly back to Colombia until January 2024.

Gabe Was Still Married To Isabel In December 2023

Gabe Was Upset He Had To Miss Their Anniversary & Isabel’s Birthday

Gabe revealed that he and Isabel had their first wedding anniversary on November 12, 2023. However, Gabe couldn’t be with Isabel to celebrate their special day. He also had to miss Isabel’s birthday, which falls on November 30. He regretted missing “everything” including Christmas and New Year. “We are still together. We are still married,” Gabe told his fans through his YouTube video and showed his ring to prove it. He admitted that being apart from Isabel for so long was hurting him. He was missing Isabel, the kids, and their dog.


90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Gabriel Paboga And Isabel Posada’s Highs & Lows Explained (Are They Still A Couple?)

Gabriel and Isabel were one of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4’s most beloved couples. They had their highs and lows, but are they together?

Gabe said they had gone from being with each other every single day to being apart. There were days when they didn’t speak, and it was not an “easy situation” to be in. Gabe felt like they were growing apart from each other. He confessed he had not been happy and was feeling like he was “going through depression.” Gabe felt alone. Half of his business was also in Colombia, so things were difficult. He had started working in Florida by doing bartending events at parties and weddings and driving Uber while he lived with his mom.

Gabe Announced His Split With Isabel In February 2024

Gabe Said He Felt Used By Isabel

Gabe had not filed Isabel’s visa documents yet, as it was an expensive and time-consuming process, and he was working all the time to have some money saved up. However, things changed within the next three months. Gabe posted another YouTube video confirming he was in the process of divorcing Isabel. He said he was tired and working 18 hours every day while he worked a day job and drove Uber from 8 pm to 5 am. “Me and Isabel are going to get divorced,” he added. Gabe said he was tired of making excuses and “felt used.” He claimed he had “nothing at all.

Gabe revealed that “everything” was taken away from him. His business was going down. All he was doing was work, but he had nothing to show. Gabe had never expected his life to end up the way it had. He said there was a time when he didn’t know where Isabel was “for weeks” without any explanation. He claimed “everything was just an act.” Gabe didn’t feel sad anymore, and Isabel was making his blood boil. He told fans to reach out to Isabel to know her side of the story.

Gabe Is Asking Fans For Money To Divorce Isabel

Isabel Makes Gabe’s Blood Boil

Gabe has started a GoFundMe after telling fans about how he’s dealing with a lot of financial obligations related to the apartment where he was living with Isabel in Colombia. Gabe posted a YouTube video explaining that he was paying Isabel the rent and utilities for the apartment along with money to take care of his dog while he was in Florida. However, Gabe alleged he started getting messages from the landlord that people were coming and going from the apartment and being loud. So he paid nearly $600 in fees before flying to Colombia and seeing it was a mess.

Gabe claimed he cleaned the apartment and even considered reconciling with Isabel, but she never followed through. She also locked all bedrooms in the house except Gabe’s. He learned that there were “men” in his house. Gabe claims he is being charged several “fees” for what happened in the apartment, and he has to give up his three-month deposit. When he texted Isabel to tell her “We’re getting criminal charges on us if this is not resolved,” she told him it was his problem to solve. Gabe paid $1500 to the landlord, so he wouldn’t press charges against them.

I swear, I will never ever forgive her for anything that she’s done to me and my blood is boiling. I’m so heated,


said in the video.

He’s now ready to go home and wants to take his dog with him to America. Gabe writes in his GoFundMe description that Isabel has done “many shady things” with the money he was sending not having gone towards his rent and underwear business. The 90 Day Fiancé star has managed to raise over $1700 out of the $2000 he has asked. $381.45 will be going towards his divorce process.

Isabel’s Side Of The Story Revealed

Isabel Is Accusing Gabe Of Seeking Drama & Popularity

Isabel finally broke her silence via Instagram Stories. Reddit user dootz01 reposted Isabel’s IG update where she accused Gabe of being “false and manipulative.” She seemed to have been addressing Gabe’s GoFundMe as she wrote, “Someone explain to me why we find such false and manipulative people.. and yet they believe and support them.” Isabel asked 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans not to let themselves be “used” by someone who “lies” even about himself and only seeks “drama and popularity.” She added an “Ew” emoji showing disgust towards Gabe’s actions.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

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