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“Vada Pav Girl” Chandrika Dixit And Vishal Pandey’s War Of Words

A still from the show. (courtesy: officialjiocinemas)

New Delhi:

All is not well between Chandrika Dixit (Vada Pav Girl) and content creator Vishal Pandey inside the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house. How do we know, you ask? The makers have shared a video of their heated face-off on Instagram. The clip opens to the living room area. We can see Vishal talking about undercooked food with fellow contestants. He asks rapper Naezy, “Tumko bola that Chandrika ji ne chole ko ek aur sitti lagne do? [Did Chandrika give you any instructions for chole?]” To this, Chandrika says, “Yaha kisi ko aapni duty bolni nahi aati, Bhai tera kaam hai, tu a ja [It seems you just can’t point out a person’s mistake here.].”

Vishal, in his defence, adds, “Maine bola tha mujhe bula lena. [I had asked you to call me.]” Chandrika, who is not convinced, “Kyun bulaye? Jab pata hai khaana ka time ho gaya hai. Khud a jao na. [Why should anyone remind you? You need to be responsible enough.]” A visible miffed Vishal asks Chandrika, “Aap kyun kar rahe ho aise? Mainay kaha aapko kuch bola. Main bus itna keh raha hoon chanay kachay tha. [Why are you behaving like? I haven’t even told you anything in the first place.]” Chandrika then asks everyone, “Inko kachay lage toh bolo. Mujhe lage toh main baad main phir se ubal kar kha lungi. [If someone didn’t like it, he/she will point out.]” Towards the end, Vishal is seen making his way out. 

At the time of sharing the video, the makers wrote, “Vishal aur Chandrika ki huyi behas! Kyun?

Before this, Chandrika Dixit and Ranvir Shorey had an argument over “food rules.” The video, which was shared on Instagram, begins with Ranvir saying, “Mere hisaab se yahi better hoga ki mai yeh sab nahi karu jo jama-vama karna hai kyunki vo Chandrika uske galat matlab nikaal rahi hai. Mai vahi karta hu, jaise sab log kha rahe hai, bat raha hai. Vaise hi khata hu.[In my opinion, it would be better if I don’t collect food because Chandrika is misinterpreting it. I do the same as everyone else is doing. That’s how I eat.]” 

For this week, Chandrika Dixit, Vishal Pandey, and Lovekesh Kataria have been nominated. Whereas, YouTuber Armaan Malik has been nominated by Bigg Boss for the entire season after he slapped Vishal. 

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