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Visa platform Atlys to offer 3 free visas for you and your crew

The post Visa platform Atlys to offer 3 free visas for you and your crew appeared first on TD (Travel Daily Media) Travel Daily Media.

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In 2023-24, there has been a significant increase in the number of Indians traveling internationally. According to recent data, over 30 million Indians ventured abroad, marking a 20% rise compared to the previous year. To further support this growing trend, the online visa application platform, Atlys, has introduced a new initiative for its users: every Atlys user who successfully obtains a visa through the platform will receive three free visas to share with friends for over 100+ countries. These countries include the UAE, Egypt, Vietnam, Singapore, Schengen countries, the US, Azerbaijan, Japan, and more. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and enjoyment of international travel for all.

The eligibility for the free visa assistance is simple: once a user successfully secures a visa through Atlys, they receive three free visas to share with friends, who must also use the Atlys platform. Despite the free offering, Atlys maintains rigorous quality control and efficiency, treating every application with the same diligence and professionalism as the paid services, leveraging automated processes and data insights for optimization.

To enhance the ease of the visa application process for those availing of this free service, Atlys uses advanced technology and a user-friendly platform to streamline the visa application process, providing step-by-step guidance, real-time updates, and 24/7 support to minimize paperwork and maximize efficiency.

“We are dedicated to breaking down barriers to travel. This initiative embodies our mission to empower individuals to discover the world easily and affordably. By leveraging our advanced technology and partnerships, we’re streamlining the visa process and fostering a global community of travelers.said Mohak Nahtra, Founder & CEO of Atlys.

The brand is committed to working with government agencies and other partners to make this initiative as effective as possible. By collaborating with embassies, consulates, and immigration authorities, and partnering with travel agencies, airlines, and tourism boards, Atlys aims to support users and promote this innovative initiative.




The post Visa platform Atlys to offer 3 free visas for you and your crew appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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