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Who Plays Every Main Character In The Reboot


  • “Hawaii Five-O is a popular crime drama series that aired from 2010 to 2020. Over the years, the show has featured a large ensemble cast, including both main characters and recurring roles.
  • The show is a reboot of the original series that aired from 1968 to 1980. The series follows a specialized task force in the Hawaii Police Department, led by Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), as they solve various crimes and cases.
  • Alex O’Loughlin stars as Steve McGarrett – the leader of the Five-0 task force and a former Navy SEAL. O’Loughlin has also appeared in another crime series, The Shield, and the vampire drama series Moonlight.

Hawaii Five-0 is an action-drama series following a compelling central cast of characters fighting crime that hits the shores of the titular state. The show follows a former Navy SEAL who moves back to Hawaii to avenge his father’s death and finds himself leading an elite special response team tasked with fighting criminals and gangs in the island paradise. The show proves an action-packed affair, filled with shootouts and high drama but grounded by the bonds between the characters, particularly the friendship between Hawaii Five-0 leads Steve and Danny.

The series is a reboot of the classic series Hawaii Five-O, which aired on CBS from 1968 to 1980, and it features many of the same characters, as well as the same beloved TV theme song. The series is one of three classic police shows recently rebooted by Peter M. Lenkov. The new Hawaii Five-0, MacGyver, and Magnum P.I. make upThe Lenkov-verse,” a shared universe of crime shows that often cross over with one another. Hawaii Five-0 is the first and most successful entry in this universe, running for 10 seasons while seeing a shifting cast of talented actors filling out the roles among the task force.



Alex O’Loughlin

Steve McGarrett

Scott Caan

Danny Williams

Daniel Dae Kim

Chin Ho Kelly

Grace Park

Kono Kalakaua

Masi Oka

Max Bergman

Chi McBride

Lou Grover

Jorge Garcia

Jerry Ortega

Meaghan Rath

Tani Rey

Dennis Chun

Sgt. Duke Lukela

Kimee Balmilero

Dr. Noelani Cunha

Beulah Koale

Junior Reigns

Alex O’Loughlin As Steve McGarrett

Date Of Birth: August 24, 1976

Character: Alex O’Loughlin leads the cast of Hawaii Five-0 as the determined former Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett. Steve moves to Hawaii to solve his father’s murder and is offered the chance to lead his own task force, the Five-0. With his intense military background, Steve maintains a life of discipline and efficiency. While some of his teammates tease him for his lack of human touch, he is able to stay calm even while under some of the extreme pressures of the job.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



The Shield (2007)

Kevin Hiatt

Moonlight (2007-2008)

Mick St. John

August Rush (2007)


Whiteout (2009)

Russell Haden

The Back-up Plan (2010)


Actor: Before joining the Hawaii Five-0 cast, O’Loughlin played the recurring role of Kevin Hiatt in another crime series, The Shield, and starred as Mick St. John, a vampire private investigator, on the short-lived CBS show Moonlight. In movies, he starred opposite Jennifer Lopez as Stan in the romantic comedy The Back-up Plan, Marshall in the music prodigy drama August Rush, and biologist Russell Haden in the 2009 action movie Whiteout.

Scott Caan As Danny Williams

Date Of Birth: August 23, 1976

Scott Caan as Danny at the beach in Hawaii Five O

Character: Also heading up the Hawaii Five-0 cast, Scott Caan plays Danny Williams, Steve’s partner and second-in-command of the task force. Danny meets Steve as the detective in charge of his father’s murder. Unlike Steve, Danny is a mainlander originally, coming from New Jersey. He is a divorced single father who has a strict, “by the book” approach to the job that sometimes conflicts with Steve.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Turk Malloy

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)


Varsity Blues (1999)


Entourage (2009-2011)

Scott Lavin

Alert: Missing Persons Unit (2023-)

Jason Grant

Actor: Scott Caan is the son of legendary Hollywood actor James Caan and is otherwise best known for his role in the Ocean’s trilogy as Turk Malloy, one of two bickering siblings on Danny Ocean’s team. He also played Tumbler in the Nicolas Cage-led version of Gone in 60 Seconds and Tweeter in Varsity Blues. On TV, Caan played Scott Lavin on the HBO show Entourage and another cop, Jason Grant, on Alert: Missing Persons Unit.

Daniel Dae Kim As Chin Ho Kelly

Date Of Birth: August 4, 1968

Chin Ho Kelly smiling at a party in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Daniel Dae Kim plays Chin Ho Kelly, a member of the task force and a former officer of the Honolulu PD, where he was trained by Steve’s father. He is an asset to the team for his extensive knowledge of the local scene. When the series started, Chin was no longer working with the police as he was suspected of corruption, only for it to be revealed he was taking the fall for his uncle. Chin leaves the show in season 7 when he is given the chance to lead a task force in San Francisco.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Lost (2004-2011)

Jin-Soo Kwon

The Good Doctor (2019)

Dr. Han

Hellboy (2019)

Major Ben Daimio

The Divergent Series: Insurgent (2015)

Jack Kang

Raya and The Last Dragon (2021)


Actor: Prior to joining the Hawaii Five-0 cast, Daniel Dae Kim rose to prominence for his role as Jin-Soo Kwon on the hit ABC series Lost. He also played Tom Baker on 24, Dr. Shin on New Amsterdam, and Dr. Han on The Good Doctor. In the film world, he played Major Ben Daimio in 2019’s Hellboy and Jack Kang in The Divergent Series: Insurgent, and he voiced the character Benja in Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon.

Grace Park As Kono Kalakaua

Date Of Birth: March 14, 1974

Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua smiling in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Grace Park appears in the Hawaii Five-0 cast as Kono Kalakaua, Chin’s cousin, who is the task force’s expert sniper and sharpshooter. Kono establishes herself very quickly as an effective member of the team despite being its only female member. She is an aggressive and tough cop who is also efficient at martial arts. However, she is also very loyal to her team and those close to her. Like Chin, Kono left the show in season 7 with it explained that she was working on a task force to take down sex trafficking rings.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Edgemont (2000-2005)

Catherine Ng

Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009)

Lt. Sharon Valerii

The Cleaner (2008-2009)

Akani Cuesta

A Million Little Things (2018-2023)

Katherine Saville

Actor: Grace Park has starred in several TV series over the years, beginning with her role as Catherine Ng on the Canadian soap Edgemont. She also played Lt. Sharon Valerii on the sci-fi phenomenon Battlestar Galactica, Akani Cuesta on the drama series The Cleaner, and Katherine Saville on ABC’s A Million Little Things.

Masi Oka As Max Bergman

Date Of Birth: Dec 27, 1974

Max Bergman as Masi Oka smiling in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Masi Oka plays Dr. Max Bergman in the Hawaii Five-0 cast. Bergman is the chief medical examiner for both the Five-0 task force and the Honolulu PD. Though Max is viewed as somewhat of an oddball, he is also very respected for his expertise and intelligent work. He was another member of the Hawaii Five-O cast to leave the series in its seventh season with it being explained that Max was going to Africa to work with Doctors without Borders.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Heroes (2006-2010)

Hiro Nakamura

Death Note (2017)

Detective Sasaki

The Meg (2018)


Bullet Train (2022)


Spies in Disguise (2019)


Actor: Masi Oka is most recognizable for his role as the time-traveling character Hiro Nakamura in Heroes and Heroes Reborn. He also played Detective Sasaki in Netflix’s live-action Death Note series and had a recurring role on Scrubs as another doctor character, Franklin. His movie roles include Toshi in The Meg, the conductor in Bullet Train, Bruce in Get Smart, and the voice of Kimura in the animated feature Spies in Disguise.

Chi McBride As Lou Grover

Date Of Birth: Sept 23, 1961

Chi McBride as Lou Grover talking to kids in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Lou Grover is the former captain of Honolulu PD’s SWAT team who later joins the Five-0 task force. Though he was introduced in season 4 of the show, Grover becomes an essential member of the team and the cast of the show, remaining for the rest of the series. He is married to his wife Renee and has two children. After being forced into early retirement as a captain for disobeying orders to rescue his daughter, Steve recruits Grover to their team.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Boston Public (2000-2004)

Steven Harper

Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

Emerson Cod

I, Robot (2004)

Lt. John Bergin

The Terminal (2004)


Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

Donny Astricky

Actor: Chi McBride has had a prolific TV career which has seen him play Emerson Cod in the cult classic mystery series Pushing Daisies, Steven Harper in Boston Public, and another cop, Detective Don Owen in Golden Boy. His movie roles include Lt. John Bergin in I, Robot, Mulroy in the Tom Hanks comedy The Terminal, and Donny Astricky in Gone in 60 Seconds where he appears alongside fellow Hawaii Five-0 cast member Scott Caan.

Jorge Garcia As Jerry Ortega

Date Of Birth: April 28, 1973

Jorge Garcia as Jerry Ortega with his hands up in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Jorge Garcia plays the eccentric conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega, who regularly assists the Five-0 task force with cases until finally being allowed to officially join the team in season 7. Often serving as a comic relief character in the series, Jerry is a conspiracy theorist living in his mother’s basement. While occasionally annoyed by his antics, the team usually humors Jerry’s eccentricities. After being shot in the line of duty, Jerry decides to leave behind the police work in season 10.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Lost (2004-2010)


Alcatraz (2012)

Dr. Diego Soto

The Ridiculous 6 (2015)


Cooties (2014)


The Munsters (2022)


Actor: Jorge Garcia is another Lost cast member who afterward joined the Hawaii Five-0 cast, having played Hurley on the iconic sci-fi drama series alongside Daniel Dae Kim’s Jin. Garcia also played Dr. Diego Soto in Alcatraz and appears as the memorable side character The Blitz on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Garcia’s film roles include Herm in The Ridiculous 6, Rick in Cooties, Lurch in The Wedding Ringer, and Floop in The Munsters.

Meaghan Rath As Tani Rey

Date Of Birth: Jun 18, 1986

Tani Rey looking over her shoulder and crying in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Meaghan Rath appears in the Hawaii Five-0 cast as Tani Rey, the former lifeguard who joins the task force in season 8. Despite being a star cadet at the police academy, she was kicked out. It seems to be something she carries as a chip on her shoulder as she initially refuses Steve and Danny’s offer for her to join their team. However, once she changes her mind, she proves herself a tough cop who makes herself part of the family.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:




Adena Stiles

Children Ruin Everything


Being Human

Sally Malik


Officer Aimee King

Actor: Rath’s first major TV role was as lead character Adena Stiles in 15/Love, a Canadian drama series about teens at an elite tennis academy. She also starred as Astrid in the sitcom Children Ruin Everything, played the ghost Sally Malik in the U.S. version of Being Human, and appears in another law enforcement role as Officer Aimee King in Banshee.

Dennis Chun As Sgt. Duke Lukela

Date Of Birth: March 18, 1952

Dennis Chun as Duke Lukela talking on the phone in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Dennis Chun plays Duke Lukela, a sergeant in the Honolulu PD and an ally of the Five-0 task force. Chun’s father, Kam Fong Chun, played the role of Chin Ho Kelly as a member of the original Hawaii Five-O series cast. While a lot of other members of the HPD are necessarily fond of Danny or his task force, Duke is one of the exceptions as he has long ties to several of the members of the team.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Hawaii Five-O

Officer Wade

Magnum P.I.

William Chun

Jake and The Fatman

Johnny Wit

Actor: Dennis Chun also appeared in small roles in numerous classic TV shows from the 1970s and 1980s, including Officer Wade in the original Hawaii Five-O, a young worker on The Brady Bunch, William Chun on the original Magnum P.I., and Johnny Wit on Jake and The Fatman. Dennis Chun’s last TV role before the Hawaii Five-0 reboot was in 1992.

Kimee Balmilero As Dr. Noelani Cunha

Date Of Birth: Dec 13, 1979

Kimee Balmilero as Noelani Cunha in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Dr. Noelani Cunha is the medical examiner for the Honolulu PD from season 7 onwards. She is initially introduced in the show working alongside Max. When he left the series, she stepped in to take over the role permanently. She is seen to be welcomed as a true member of the team, often joining their celebrations and holidays. In season 10, Noelani takes the lead in searching for the person who killed her uncle as a way of honoring his memory.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



Magnum P.I. (2018-2021)

Dr. Noelani Cunha

General Hospital (2010)


Two Tickets to Paradise (2022)


Actor: Kimee Balmilero has reprised the role of Noelani as a recurring character on the Magnum P.I. reboot. Balmilero’s first TV role was as a presenter on the children’s musical TV series Hi-5. Prior to appearing in the cast of Hawaii Five-0, she also appeared as Tina on General Hospital and Kailani in the Hallmark TV movie Two Tickets To Paradise.

Beulah Koale As Junior Reigns

Date Of Birth: Oct 26, 1991

Junior Reigns aiming a gun in Hawaii Five-0

Character: Junior Reigns is another new recruit who joins the task force in season 8 following the departure of several key members of the team. Like Steve, Junior is a former SEAL who comes to him looking for a job. Steve is initially reluctant to take him on so soon after his service ends, but when Junior insists, Steve relents so long as Junior completes the police academy first. He eventually joins and begins dating Tani.

Notable Movies & TV Shows:



NCIS: Hawai’i

David Solas

Thank You for Your Service (2017)

Tausolo Aieti

Next Goal Wins (2023)


Actor: Beulah Koale’s other TV credits include David Solas on NCIS: Hawai’i and a starring role as Ice in the historical miniseries The Panthers. Koale’s film roles include Anton Williams in the World War II-set horror film Shadow in the Cloud, Tausolo Aieti in the military biopic Thank You for Your Service, Daru in Taika Waititi’s sports movie Next Goal Wins, and Peter in the sci-fi comedy Dual.

Hawaii Five-O Supporting Cast & Characters

Ian Anthony Dale as Adam Nashimuri in Hawaii Five-0

Ian Anthony Dale as Adam Noshimuri – The son of a yakuza boss and former criminal who eventually becomes an ally and then a member of the Five-0 task force. Ian Anthony Dale also played Tomi on The Walking Dead, Simon Lee on the mystery series The Event, Harris Edwards on Salvation, and Jim Koto on another crime drama, Murder in the First.

Katrina Law as Quinn Liu – A former army CID staff sergeant who joined the task force and the Hawaii Five-0 cast of characters in the show’s final season. Katrina Law also starred as Jessica Knight on NCIS, Nyssa Al Ghul on Arrow, Mira on Spartacus, and Rebecca Lee on the short-lived Training Day series.

Taylor Wiley as Kamekona – A criminal informant and constant ally to the Five-0 task force. Kamekona is played by Taylor Wiley, who has reprised the role in the reboots of MacGyver and Magnum P.I. He also played Julius in Radical and Kemo in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Lauren German as Lori Weston – A Homeland security agent briefly assigned to monitor the task force in Hawaii Five-0 season 2. Lauren German is best known for her starring role as Detective Chloe Decker on Lucifer. She also played Leslie Shay on Chicago Fire and starred as Beth in the horror film Hostel: Part II.

Michelle Borth as Catherine Rollins – Steve McGarret’s girlfriend. Michelle Borth starred as Jaime in the HBO romance series Tell Me You Love Me and as Candace Butler in the crime drama The Forgotten. She also played the superhero version of Mary in Shazam!

Taryn Manning as Mary McGarrett – Steve McGarrett’s younger sister. Taryn Manning is most recognizable from her role as Pennsatucky in Orange Is the New Black. She also played Cherry on the show Sons of Anarchy and appears in the cast of 8 Mile as Janeane.

Shawn Mokuahi Garnett as Flippa – Kamekona’s cousin who often works with him at his numerous businesses. Hawaii Five-0 is Shawn Mokuahi Garnett’s first acting credit, but he has reprised the role as part of the cast of Magnum P.I. He also appears as a musician in the Disney Plus series Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. and played Moe in the independent film Aloha Surf Hotel.

Brian Yang as Dr. Charlie Fong – A forensic lab tech for Honolulu PD who occasionally works with the task force. He’s played by Brian Yang, who also appears in CSI: Vegas as Benjamin, How I Met Your Father as Rick, and the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful as Agent Alex Chen. In film, he played Blue Hyena in The Man with the Iron Fists.

Teilor Grubbs as Grace Williams – The daughter of Danny Williams. She’s played by Teilor Grubbs in the Hawaii Five-0 cast. Grubbs also played Young Rose in the horror film The Dawn and voiced Leilani in The Legend of Hallowaiian.

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