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Why Nato summit is important for Joe Biden in presidential race

As the United States gears up to mark the 75th anniversary of Nato, President Joe Biden aims to convince his allies that he is the best option for the presidential race.
Marking a shift from Trump’s “America First” strategy that strained relations with allies, Biden has prioritized rebuilding America’s longstanding alliances overseas to confront autocratic threats. Thus, the outcome of the November election could significantly shape Nato’s trajectory and Europe’s geopolitical landscape.
Stressing the need for the United States to uphold its “sacred commitment” to Nato, Biden said earlier this year, “We must remember that the sacred commitment we make to our Allies—to defend every inch of Nato territory—makes us safer too.”
Joern Fleck, senior director at the Europe Center of the Atlantic Council, pointed out that concerns about Biden’s political future were “absolutely on everyone’s minds,” highlighting the potential for Trump to win the US election and potentially diminish the alliance, Reuters reported.
Nato members have grown more anxious about the possibility of former President Trump returning to the White House.
Trump has indicated that if re-elected, he might not support Nato members failing to meet the alliance’s defense spending target of 2% of their GDP if they face military aggression. He has also raised concerns about the level of aid provided to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.
The ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict will be a central topic among the 32 Nato member nations. Their agenda will primarily revolve around providing military and financial assistance to Ukraine and exploring potential pathways for Kyiv’s future Nato membership.

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