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Consensus against Iran has no value

TEHRAN – In a note, Kayhan addressed the failure of the West’s consensus policy against Iran’s nuclear issue and wrote: In more than two decades, the West’s challenge to Iran over the peaceful nuclear program of our country intended to create maximum consensus in the world to pressure Iran.

But recently, after the European countries issued a resolution, the countries of Russia and China openly stated their opposition to the West. The behavior of China, Russia and other emerging superpowers towards our country shows that with the pursuit of smart diplomacy and purposeful foreign policy by the 13th government in developing relations with emerging powers, Western consensus in the UN Security Council and the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency and other Organizations, mechanisms and international institutions faced failure. The foreign policy of the 13th government, without any false trust in the West and without JCPOA and FATF, destroyed the path of pressure on our country in the international arena and established Iran’s position as a great power in the world.

Iran: Iran’s initiative to solve the Gaza crisis

In a commentary, the Iran newspaper dealt with Ali Bagheri’s participation in the meeting of the foreign ministers of the developing Islamic countries known as the D-8 Group. The paper said: The Group of D-8 has held a meeting for the first time to discuss a political issue such as the Palestinian issue. The Islamic Republic of Iran, which has always been an active and influential member of the D-8 organization and the source of various activities and collaborations in this organization, participated in this meeting at the level of the foreign minister, which shows the importance of the Palestinian issue in the country’s foreign policy. In line with the demands of Muslim public opinion regarding the practical action of Muslim governments against the Zionist regime, 9 proposals from Iran were presented in this meeting. Iran’s proposals can help stabilize the victory and raise the status of Palestine in the international arena. Presenting these practical suggestions shows that supporting the Palestinian ideal and practical support for the Islamic resistance are still among the main priorities of the country’s foreign policy.

Shargh: 2 scenarios for Tehran

In a conversation with political analyst Ahmad Nasr, Shargh discussed the ways forward for Tehran after the issuance of the resolution of the Board of Governors against Iran and wrote: After this resolution, Tehran now has two solutions ahead of it; take a reciprocal reaction or act based on the demands and expectations contained in the provisions of the resolution and take steps towards greater cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. If, like in the past, Tehran, in response to the resolution puts the reduction of cooperation with the IAEA or the increase of nuclear activities on the agenda, it can provide a basis for the issuance of a strong resolution by the West in the upcoming meeting and even the possibility of referring the case to the Security Council. If cooperation with the agency is the focus of Tehran’s activity, in addition to de-escalation, it can bring the current Tehran-Washington negotiations in Muscat to a conclusion. Of course, whatever the outcome of the two upcoming elections in Iran and the United States, it does not mean that the current negotiations between Muscat and the future governments of Tehran and Washington can end in the revival of the JCPOA because currently the troika of Europeans, as well as the Americans, do not consider the 2015 nuclear agreement to be revived.

Jam-e-Jam: The approval of the anti-Iranian resolution aimed to divert opinions from Zionist crimes 

The 13th government’s reliance on neighborhood diplomacy and the punitive response of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the terrorist attack of the fake Israeli regime created the conditions for the deterrence power of our country to be represented to the Western countries, and therefore with various tricks, they are trying to make complicated the field for the dynamism and growth of the Islamic Republic. The recent issuance of resolution is one of the examples of this pressure to divert people’s minds from Israel’s crimes and focus on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities. Western countries have ignored and forgotten the illegal withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA, despite numerous meetings and agreements, these members have delayed in fulfilling their JCPOA obligations. They have launched widespread economic terrorism against our country, and they want Iran to adhere to its JCPOA commitments. Iran’s action is the most natural reaction to the neglect of the members to the provisions of the JCPOA, and not only it is not a violation of the JCPOA, but it is a step to protect the country’s national interests.

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