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Did High School Return of a Gangster Cast Member Bong Jae-Hyun Appear in Twinkling Watermelon?

The highly popular K-drama on TVING, High School Return of a Gangster, stars actor Bong Jae-Hyun as one of the main and most significant characters. He plays the role of Choi Se-Kyung in the ongoing web series. The character is a model student; however, he is a victim of domestic violence. He soon becomes a close friend with the drama’s lead character, Song Yi-Heon, aka Kim Deuk-pal (Yoon Chan-Young).

Since the series’ release, Bong Jae-Hyun has been garnering viewers’ attention due to his excellent acting skills. The audience has also been wondering whether the actor had previously appeared in the hit tvN K-drama Twinkling Watermelon. To answer the question, Bong Jae-Hyun indeed appeared in a supporting but crucial role in the coming-of-age time-travel series.

What role did High School Return of a Gangster Cast Member Bong Jae-Hyun play in Twinkling Watermelon?

As mentioned above, one of the central cast members of High School Return of a Gangster, Bong Jae-Hyun, played a noteworthy role in tvN’s Twinkling Watermelon. He portrayed the character, Eun-Ho. The character was the older brother of the lead character, Ha Eun-Gyeol, played by Ryeoun.

In Twinkling Watermelon, Bong Jae-Hyun’s Eun-Ho was born deaf. He was charming and had an attractive appearance. It made him quite popular on SNS. Furthermore, he was also a talented taekwondo practitioner. His main goal in life was to become a national Paralympic taekwondo athlete. The character played a vital part in the storyline of the K-drama.

In High School Return of a Gangster, the actor’s character, Choi Se-Kyung, is complex. From an apparent view, he has a perfect life as a model student. However, behind this facade, he hides a painful secret. Choi Se-Kyung has been suffering from domestic violence by his father at home. The character becomes a good friend of Song Yi-Heon. 

Apart from these two K-dramas, Bong Jae-Hyun has also been a part of Revenge of Others and Urban Myths, among other dramas and movies.

Viewers can watch High School Return of a Gangster on TVING and Wavve.

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