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Hrithik Roshan Presents His Acting Coach Vinod Rawat’s Directorial Debut Pushtaini

A still from the film. (courtesy: HrithikRoshan)

New Delhi:

Hrithik Roshan has a shout-out to his acting coach Vinod Rawat for his upcoming film Pushtaini. The actor has also shared the trailer on Instagram. Pushtaini marks Rawat’s directorial debut. The trailer tells the story of a struggling actor, Bhuppi, who finds himself in a difficult situation when someone with a private video of him starts blackmailing him for money. Bhuppi, having no money, decides to reach out to his estranged family for help. When he contacts his sister, Bhuppi learns that their father has passed away and left everything to him. He then travels to his hometown, where his aunt refuses to sign the papers needed to access his father’s assets. The trailer shows glimpses of Bhuppi gradually trying to understand his father’s circumstances, who died by suicide.

In his elaborate caption, Hrithik Roshan spoke about the challenges Vinod Rawat faced while making the film. He wrote, When Vinod Rawat first spoke to me of “PUSHTAINI” I couldn’t quite imagine or visualise the film. I remember thinking this is a great germ of an idea but it seemed absurd to me that he would give up everything and put all his finances into executing it.” 

Hrithik Roshan continued, “We were in the middle of the lockdown, Vinod told me he’d be shooting the project in his native Uttarakhand, that he would also be directing and acting in the film and as he had little to no funds, his family would be playing all the other characters, I was sure this was going to be an experimental home video at best. Worried, I asked him if I could support him in any way but he seemed clear he wanted to do this himself. Months passed and I heard Covid had halted the film and he was down to his last Rs. 15,000. But Vinod was determined and said he would continue making the film and if anything went wrong, he would take that as his destiny and stop the project.”

Sharing his review of Pushtaini, Hrithik Roshan added, “And then one day just like that he came to me with a complete film. I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I went in to watch but to my utmost surprise and delight the film made me laugh, it made me cry and I came away absolutely awestruck with what this man had achieved single handedly, without any help whatsoever. PUSHTAINI had a heart and it had won mine. I have known Vinod to be an excellent coach but he truly surprised me as an Actor, Director and Producer. How he overcame all his limitations and created this magic was unbelievable to me.”

Reacting to the post, actress Huma Qureshi wrote, “Waayyy to go, Vinod Rawat.” Turkish actress Acelya Ozcan wrote, “Perfect.” Actress Damini Chopra said, “Looking forward to seeing it.” 

Read the full note below:

In addition to directing and acting in Pushtaini, Vinod Rawat has also produced the film. The movie features a guest performance by Rajkummar Rao.

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