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Lee Chae-Min & Roh Jeong-Eui’s 2024 Netflix K-Drama Hierarchy Season 1 Ending Explained

The Netflix K-drama Hierarchy ending was intriguing, as were all seven episodes released on Friday, June 7, 2024. Led by cast members Lee Chae-Min, Roh Jeong-Eui, and Kim Jae-Won, the Korean teen drama revolves around a scholarship student who turns the lives of an elite group of students upside down.
When Kang Ha (Lee Chae-Min) arrives at Jooshin High School, Jeong Jae-Yi (Roh Jeong Eui), Kim Ri-An (Kim Jae Won), and their group give him the cold shoulder. They try to torment Kang Ha, but he knows how to give a befitting reply. Slowly, they learn that he is the younger brother of Kang In-Ha, a former scholarship student who died. The school hides the details of his death, but Kang Ha is aware of his brother’s traumatic experience with school bullies.

While most detest the new student, Jae-Yi protects him so that history doesn’t repeat itself. Kang Ha develops feelings for her but soon discovers she’s also involved in his brother’s death. Towards the series’ end, Kang Ha seeks justice and punishes the culprits. Meanwhile, Jae-Yi decides to protect Ri-An and helps Kang Ha. Do they find a happy ending? Let’s find out!

K-drama Hierarchy episode 7 recap & spoilers: Did Roh Jeong-Eui help Lee Chae-Min find his brother’s killer?

Netflix K-drama Hierarchy episode 7 begins with a flashback of the night In-Ha died. The bullies already beat him up at Lee Woo-Jin’s (Lee Won-Jung) birthday party. While running away from the students, In-Ha witnessed an intimate moment between Woo-Jin and his teacher, Ms. Han.

The latter got scared and followed In-Ha, but he ran away. Ms. Han continued to follow him in her car. She also called In-Ha and tried to make him understand the situation. But he was already tired of the injustice against him and started to threaten her of exposing everyone.

Ms. Han was rashly driving to get a hold of him and thus couldn’t see when someone suddenly came in front of her car. The victim was In-Ha, who died on the spot. The teacher jumped out of her car to check his condition and found his phone. She discovered a pen camera connected to the device.

Back to the present, Woo-Jin recalls the incident while looking at the pen camera. Meanwhile, Kang Ha has reported the bullies to the police, and they are now being interrogated. Moreover, Ms. Han was suspended after a video of her in an inappropriate situation was leaked. On the other hand, Woo-Jin feels guilty for revealing Jae-Yi’s pregnancy secret to her father. So, he comes clean to her and hands over the pen camera.

The next scene shows Kang Ha submitting the device to the cops. Eventually, he sends the killer to prison and helps bring some change to the school. Jae-Yi and Ri-An, too, apologize to Kang Ha for their part in his brother’s death. He accepts Jae-Yi’s apology but not Ri-An’s.

K-drama Hierarchy ending: Will there be a Season 2?

Towards the end of Hierarchy, Kang Ha is shown to attend Jooshin High School, where the rate of bullying has come down. While he brings a positive change to the educational institution, he has to bid farewell to a close friend.

Due to the controversies, Jae-Yi has to leave Seoul and go to New York. She parts ways with her boyfriend Ri-An and bids Kang Ha an emotional goodbye. The latter runs to her to apologize for his contribution to her New York plans. She then reveals that she is not going to NY but somewhere else to find happiness.

Hierarchy episode 7 ends with her visiting a house and calling a woman, “Mother!” Who is Jae-Yi’s mother? The question remains unanswered as her face has not been shown. Also, Jae-Yi leaves with a promise that she’ll return, hinting at season 2.

Overall, the drama has a bittersweet ending. Will Netflix renew the series? Only time will time. Meanwhile, watch Hierarchy K-drama on Netflix.

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