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Lucy Letby jury told to ‘decide case only on evidence’

Jurors in the attempted murder trial of convicted baby killer Lucy Letby have been told to “decide the case on the evidence placed before you and nothing else”.

The former nurse, 34, has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of an infant on 17 February, 2016.

Judge Mr Justice Goss told the jury that the former nurse was convicted almost a year ago of having murdered a number of babies and attempted to have murdered others while she worked at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Ms Letby, of Hereford, watched on from the dock at Manchester Crown Court as the jury was sworn in.

Mr Justice Goss told the jury it was “highly likely” they would know something about the case from when the verdicts were announced.

But the judge added: “Your task is to determine on all the evidence placed before you, and on nothing else, whether she attempted to murder another baby during the period when she was found to have murdered or attempted to murder other babies.

“You will try this case, I repeat, on the evidence that is placed before you.

“You are the sole judges of fact. You will decide what is and what is not truthful from the evidence and the conclusions and assessment you draw from the evidence.

“Anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. It is for the prosecution to prove guilt by making you sure of the accused’s guilt.

“You know that the defendant has already been tried before another jury.

“You are to try the defendant in this case on a charge of attempted murder upon which that jury could not agree and were discharged from giving a verdict.

“I repeat, you will decide the case on the evidence placed before you and nothing else.”

Nick Johnson KC was expected to open the prosecution’s case on Wednesday morning.

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