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New Luxury Glamping Suite Experience launches in Tioman Island, Malaysia


Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort, centrally located on the western shores of Tioman Island,  Malaysia, has unveiled its new luxury glamping suite experience. Overlooking Mount Kajang, the highest  peak on Tioman Island, this immersive glamping experience is the first-of-its-kind on the island, offering

urban dwellers a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of city  life, immersing them in nature’s tranquil allure.

Set to open in September Q3 2024, each unit provides a modern glamping experience for up to six  people, surrounded by the island’s natural beauty. Tailored for comfort and spacious enough for small  families or groups of individuals who love to be connected with nature, our eight rooms are each  approximately 389.5 square feet.

The rooms feature elegant interior designs with earthy tones, blending modern comfort with nature to  give you a luxurious glamping feeling. Each suite ensures a distinctive blend of luxury and wilderness  experience, boasting an ensuite pool, a relaxing hammock, and a toilet furnished with a smart mirror,  ensuring a unique and comfortable stay.

Guests can also enjoy a wide range of amenities at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort. We offer fun-filled  activities to keep everyone entertained, from exploring the wonders of Tioman Island through  snorkeling and diving to sipping cocktails by our poolside. For those seeking for relaxation and leisure,  we offer complimentary morning yoga sessions by the beach, a trekking experience through Tioman’s  dense tropical rainforest where you can learn about the practical uses of plants and the fascinating  features of the local flora and fauna, and even a wide array of spa deals. For adventure seekers, there’s  option for kayaking with stunning views of the South China Sea’s corals and marine life, and even  exhilarating ride on our all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) through the tropical rainforest behind our resort.



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