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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2 Set Image Hints at Sea of Monsters Book Character


  • Director James Bobin teases fans with set image for
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Season 2, hinting at a return to Camp Half-Blood’s magical world.
  • New characters Tyson and Thalia join the familiar cast in exploring mythological waters, with a deep emphasis on hippocampi ties.
  • Stars Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries, and Aryan Simhadri share dream cast wishlist, as production for the new season is well underway.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians director James Bobin has stirred excitement by releasing a set image from the upcoming Season 2. The next chapter of the Disney+ series will continue to explore the adventures detailed in Rick Riordan’s “The Sea of Monsters,” the second book of his acclaimed series.

The recently shared snapshot (via Instagram) offers a glimpse into the mythical setting of Camp Half-Blood, specifically showing a door with a seahorse-shaped handle, suggesting nautical themes that align with the book’s title. Bobin’s simple caption, “Back at camp,” hints at the return to the familiar yet ever-magical environment that fans adore.

The sophomore season promises to explore the mythological waters with the introduction of new characters Tyson and Thalia, alongside the returning main cast comprising Walker Scobell, Aryan Simhadri, and Leah Jeffries. The return of familiar faces combined with the charm of Camp Half-Blood, the promise of new, mysterious elements, and creatures drawn from ancient mythology make this season particularly exciting.

The seemingly innocuous door handle on the set hints at deep mythological ties, specifically to the hippocampi, creatures that are important in the universe Riordan has crafted.

In Greek mythology, hippocampi, with their equine heads attached to fish-like bodies, play the noble role of pulling Poseidon’s chariot, their movements whimsically creating seafoam. This imagery aligns with the creatures’ introduction in “The Sea of Monsters,” the book from which the current season draws its primary inspiration. Notably, a hippocampus named Rainbow emerges as a significant character, guiding Percy along with his allies Annabeth and Tyson—a newly introduced half-brother—through perilous waters to confront emerging threats.

Percy Jackson Stars Reveal Dream Cast for Season 2

During the recent Television Critics Association press tour, the series’ stars—Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries, and Aryan Simhadri—shared their wishlist for new cast members, suggesting high-profile actors like Zendaya, Sam Claflin, and Christopher Judge to portray some of the iconic Gods of Olympus. Scobell imagines Claflin as Apollo, inspired by his performance in The Hunger Games, while Jeffries envisions Zendaya stepping into the role of the wise Athena.

Behind the scenes, author and executive producer Rick Riordan revealed that production for the new season is well underway. Despite just receiving the official go-ahead, a writers’ room had been working on the scripts before a potential industry strike, ensuring that the team wasn’t starting from scratch.


Blood of Zeus Is the Perfect Percy Jackson Placeholder

Netflix’s animated series Blood of Zeus can perfectly fill the Greek God void Percy Jackson fans are experiencing between seasons.

The early groundwork laid out by Rick Riordan and his creative team, as mentioned in his intreview, underscores a proactive approach to the adaptation.

“I think that we got some good preliminary work done. I think it was very solid, and I think everybody felt very good about it. That would be my assumption, and we’ll just see what happens.”

The preliminary writers’ room, established well before the official renewal, was aimed at crafting a seamless transition from the first season’s framework to the new challenges and darker themes of “The Sea of Monsters.” With Riordan at the helm as executive producer, the adaptation remains true to its literary roots while offering a narrative can evolve in new directions.

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