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Post-Match Delight: Sanjana Ganesan and Jasprit Bumrah’s ‘What’s for Dinner?’ moment. Watch | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Jasprit Bumrah‘s incisive bowling spell of 3/14 fashioned India’s thrilling six-run victory over Pakistan in a T20 World Cup cliffhanger that kept spectators on the edge of their seats till the end.
After India’s sensational victory in New York, Bumrah experienced another beautiful moment as he chatted with his presenter wife, Sanjana Ganesan, to discuss his performance.
Bumrah said his team’s calmness and refusal to panic led them to their exciting win over Pakistan.

“We are very happy that we were able to pull it off with, you know, constant pressure, trying to be clear with what we want to do and try to make run scoring difficult. So very happy that we were together and we were very clear, and we never panicked at any stage,” Bumrah told Ganesan, who is an ICC Digital Insider.
As the quick post-match interview on the ground wrapped up, Bumrah told his wife he would see her in 30 minutes when she thanked him for the interview.
“Will see you in 30 minutes. Thank you,” he said. She then asked him jokingly, “What’s for dinner?”

Bumrah took big wickets at crucial moments, including Pakistan’s top scorer Mohamad Rizwan, who after making a patient 31 from 44 balls, was looking like a match-winner himself until he was clean bowled by the Indian pacer.
“The biggest positive for us was the calmness because when we were batting in the morning, there was a lot more help,” said Bumrah, noting the damper conditions after pre-match rain which turned to sunshine later in the day.
Bumrah is in a rich vein of form, following a strong IPL campaign and finished with a 2-6 spell against Ireland in the Group A opener before Sunday’s show.

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