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rince Harry ‘Closer Than Ever’ with King Charles: Report

Prince Harry and King Charles may be on the mend.

That is positive news, even if the monarch himself has a grim prognosis.

As King Charles’ cancer battle continues, Prince Harry reportedly fears the worst. Not just for his ailing father, but for their relationship.

Sometimes, a tragedy can bring feuding families together. Maybe that’s happening here.

Prince Harry and King Charles in February of 2018.
Prince Harry and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales arrive to attend the ‘International Year of The Reef’ 2018 meeting at Fishmongers Hall on February 14, 2018. (Photo Credit: Matt Dunham – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

King Charles and Prince Harry are ‘closer than ever’

According to what an inside source told The Times in a Monday, June 10 report, King Charles and Prince Harry are now “closer than ever.” And the monarch’s health struggle has been part of the push to mend fences.

“If there was ever a green-eyed monster or a sense of rivalry between the two, that is a chapter of the past,” the insider claimed.

“The King sees his son as a useful ally on family matters,” the source added. “And increasingly in discharging the duties of nation and state.”

King Charles in early September of 2022.King Charles in early September of 2022.
King Charles III delivers his address to the nation and the Commonwealth from Buckingham Palace following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday 8th September in Balmoral, on September 9, 2022. (Photo Credit: Yui Mok – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

In early 2024, even while the royal firm kept Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis a secret, Buckingham Palace shared the news about King Charles.

He had undergone surgery for an enlarged prostate and received a cancer diagnosis. There has been no official word on what form of cancer he has, though reports of funerary arrangements paint a bleak picture.

King Charles is not especially popular, particularly when compared to almost any member of his family (with the exception of Prince Andrew). However, many feel sympathy for him during this crisis — and that includes his son, Harry.

King Charles and Prince Harry in 2022.King Charles and Prince Harry in 2022.
King Charles III and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex walk behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, adorned with a Royal Standard and the Imperial State Crown and pulled by a Gun Carriage of The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, during a procession from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, in London on September 14, 2022. (Photo Credit: LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

Prince Harry ‘will continue to support’ his father

“He very much wants to support his father,” the insider then emphasized.

“That isn’t something new,” the source acknowledged. Contrary to what some nasty publications have claimed in recent years, Prince Harry clearly loves his family.

“But of course, with everything the King is going through with his treatment, he will continue to support him as much as he can,” the insider affirmed.

Prince Harry in May of 2024.Prince Harry in May of 2024.
Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex departs The Invictus Games Foundation 10th Anniversary Service at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 08, 2024. (Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Invictus Games Foundation)

Officially, the public does not know Charles’ exact diagnosis, his prognosis, or which treatments he is undergoing. Given the royal firm’s dishonesty over Kate Middleton’s cancer battle, many would hesitate to believe any official announcements from the royals, anyway.

However, we do know that Charles has been undergoing treatments. He has, on the advice of medical professionals, been taking a break from public appearances. Prince William has taken his place at multiple formal events.

The monarch has shared plans to phase back into making normal appearances … but has only carried out a handful of public-facing duties since then. Simply put, he needs to rest and recover.

Prince Harry and King Charles in 2018, in Fishmonger's Hall.Prince Harry and King Charles in 2018, in Fishmonger's Hall.
Prince Harry and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales attend the ‘International Year of The Reef’ 2018 meeting at Fishmongers Hall on February 14, 2018. (Photo Credit: Matt Dunham – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Slowly, Prince Harry is making progress with his family

By all accounts, Harry and William remain estranged. It seems that William is still fuming over Harry sharing his lived experiences in his bestselling memoir, Spare.

However, previous reports noted that Kate Middleton has leaned on Harry for moral support amidst her own cancer battle. If that’s true, perhaps she finds that it’s easier to talk about some things with her brother-in-law than with her husband. That’s what family is for, sometimes.

Cancer is a horror. But if Kate and Charles can both overcome their illnesses and open up to Prince Harry, perhaps the family will be in a better place than ever in the long run.

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