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Starfield Review Bombs Begin After Fan Backlash Over Microtransactions


  • Starfield
    ‘s community is unhappy with Bethesda’s Creation Club, with players feeling that the content is not worth the high prices.
  • The introduction of microtransactions in the game has led to negative reviews and backlash from fans on Steam and Reddit.
  • Many fans feel that the quality of the content offered through the Creation Club does not justify the premium pricing model.

Despite the excitement around the latest Starfield patch, the game’s community isn’t pleased with how Bethesda is handling the newly-implemented Creation Club. The introduction of the system initially pleased players who have eagerly awaited the modding toolset to begin designing and building their own custom content while also purchasing some small DLC-like bundles developed by Bethesda. Unfortunately, the cost of these adventures has earned the ire of fans, many of whom believe the studio is asking for an unreasonable amount of money for the content it’s offering.

Over on Reddit, user danmhensley noted that Starfield‘s Steam reviews are beginning to tumble as fans are leaving dozens of negative comments over the price of the content available through the Creation Club.

The new feature, which allows Bethesda and independant modders to sell their Creations, has been called out for charging $10 for “The Vulture,” a new questline that is incredibly brief for the price. It’s worth noting that the quest is valued at 700 Creation Credits, but the cheapest bundle option is only 500 credits for $4.99, forcing players to purchase the 1000 credit package at $9.99.


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Starfield’s Microtransactions Are Angering Fans

A Very Tough Sell Indeed

While Bethesda has conducted similarly processes with older versions of the Creation Club and Kit in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, both of those iterations earned similar backlash from fans. The main complaint isn’t so much having to pay for Creation Club mods; most players agree that if the quality of the mod is worth the asking price, especially when its made by an independent creator, they wouldn’t have a problem paying for it. The core of the matter is the lack of content being sold for a premium price tag with a predatory monetization scheme.

The most common complaint is that microtransactions such as these shouldn’t be included in a AAA game that’s already sold for full price, an issue that’s relatively prevalent throughout the industry. Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope. Now that the Creation Kit is on offer, it’s highly likely that talented users will produce their own mods that either match or surpass those available through the Creation Club, making them available on hosting sites like Nexus Mods.

Whether or not Bethesda has plans to change Starfield‘s monetization model for the Creation Club feature remains unknown, but the review bombs come at a time when the game was slowly winning back its audience. After a rocky launch, many users were pulled back by the substantial additions seen in the May Update and while the June Update was a surprise to everyone, the implementation hasn’t been well recieved. Perhaps the eventual introduction land vehicles will win everyone over again.

Source: danmhensley/Reddit

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