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Starfield’s Surprise Update Adds New Missions, Creations & Weapons


  • Starfield’s June 9 patch added Creations, allowing users to design and share their own content.
  • The update includes fixes for ship decoration issues and quest tracker problems, improving the overall gameplay experience.
  • Bounty Tracking and Ammo Crafting options were also added, setting the stage for the upcoming Shattered Space DLC in 2024.

The patch notes for the latest version of Starfield are finally here and players can anticipate plenty of new features as well as an expansion to one of the game’s most interesting factions. During Microsoft’s June 9 Xbox Showcase, the company dedicated a decent chunk of the presentation to Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG, going so far as to provide players with some major insight into the game’s future, including a release date for the Shattered Space DLC. That’s still a while a way though, so in the meantime players will be able to explore the galaxy with The Trackers.

Posted to Bethesda’s official blog, the patch notes break down exactly what users can expect to find in the June 9 update, the highlight being the addition of the Creation Kit. With this system, players will be able to create their own custom content for everyone to enjoy, including new missions, skins, weapons, and armor. Bethesda itself will be fleshing out the game with elements added throgh the Creation menu, but that’s just a single aspect of the patch notes, which also include additional information on the Bounty Scanning mechanic and Ammo Crafting options.


Starfield PC Requirements: Minimum & Recommended Specs

Starfield easily ranks among the most graphically intensive games to come out of Bethesda Studios. To explore space without issue, try these settings.

What Else Is Included In Starfield’s June Patch?

New Content, Fixes And Gameplay Improvements

A ghostly spacer stands in a valley, looking out at a red aurora and a blue planet in a screenshot from Starfield.

Aside from all the additional content available for The Trackers, a faction that’s also recieved a boost from the implementation of quests added through the Creation option, Starfield‘s June 9 patch has also mended several frustrating issues. These include several problems caused by the latest ship decoration system and the quest tracker. Overall, the actual scope of the latest update isn’t quite the same as the May patch but the changes are meaningful for players looking for more content.

Ammo Crafting has been a major community request since
‘s launch

and Bounty Tracking should hopefully provide players with more to do within the game’s bigger cities.

Other fixes include a glitch that resulted in Sneak Damage being far too high in certain circumstances, an alteration which may frustrate some, and a bug which caused Guards to give up chasing the player too quickly. These are all fairly small improvements, but they’ll undoubtedly have a major impact on the experience from the perspective of veterans. It’s also helpful knowing that many of fixes are likely setting the stage for the Shattered Space DLC which is confirmed to launch later in 2024.

Starfield‘s latest patch may not be as earth-shattered as many were hoping given the rumors regarding space station construction but the long-awaited launch of Creations will satisfy those looking to make the game a little more personal. Having the system implemented should also hopefully allow Bethesda to push out smaller content drops at a quicker rate, meaning the community can hopefully avoid another major dry spell. Now everyone just needs to be patient for the arrival of land-based vehicles, which have been confirmed but with no release date in sight.

Source: Bethesda

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September 6, 2023

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