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The world’s positive view toward Tehran’s principled positions

TEHRAN – In a commentary, the government-run Iran newspaper highlighted the participation of Ali Bagheri, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, in the BRICS meeting in Russia.

It wrote: The first meeting of foreign ministers of the BRICS group was held after Iran became a member of this international economic bloc, and Ali Bagheri expressed Iran’s strategic will to develop and consolidate constructive relations with the union based on common interests. The approval of Iran’s principled positions at the big Russian political gathering happened only a few days after the European troika (Britain, France and Germany) presented a censure resolution against Iran at the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency. However, BRICS is proving the world community is receptive to Iran. Repairing and strengthening the relationship between Tehran and the Arab capitals and improving ties with the great Asian powers – which could greatly help and strengthen Iran’s regional and international position – were on the agenda of the “balanced” foreign policy of the Raisi administration. The feedback of this achievement was shown in the inattention of the big and small BRICS members to the anti-Iran scenarios of the West and paying attention to Iran’s principled policy in the foreign policy area.

Vatan-e-Emrooz: A transcontinental coalition

In an analysis, Vatan-e-Emrooz analyzed the importance of BRICS. It said: One of the most important reasons for joining the BRICS group is that it has a high potential to influence the world economy because it accounts for 25-28% of the global economy. The bloc is making rapid economic growth and is an influential player in global affairs. It is considered a transcontinental alliance. It was formed without the participation of Europe and America but can challenge the current world order. One of the achievements of Iran in joining BRICS is realizing the importance of global structure to circumvent sanctions and improve its economy. Iran was able to create political balance by joining BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This would enable Iran to sign agreements with Western countries in the future. Now Iran is not waiting for the West or the East. It is seeking to impose itself as a trans-regional power on the world. Therefore, joining BRICS is very important.

Etemad: China and the three Iranian islands

Etemad analyzed Beijing’s renewed support for the UAE’s ownership claims over the three Iranian islands of Abu Musa, Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb in the Persian Gulf. It wrote: China’s recent support to the UAE over Iran’s three islands is an important issue that first of all goes back to China’s bilateral relations with the UAE and Iran. It is also related to China’s regional policy in the changing world. Abu Dhabi is considered an important partner for China. It can play a prominent role in strengthening energy cooperation with China and facilitate the path for Beijing to play a greater role in regional developments. On the other hand, the relations between Tehran and Beijing have not followed the path expected by both sides. If we look at the relations between the two countries, especially in the economic and technological fields, we can see although China is currently the most important buyer of Iran’s oil, the relations are still limited both in terms of quantity and dimensions. It can be said that China is pursuing the traditional policy of “equal distance or closeness” with all sides.

Sobh-e-No: The right side of history

In an article, Sobh-e-No analyzed the Leader of the Revolution’s letter to American students opposed to the Israeli brutal war on Gaza. The paper said: Ayatollah Khamenei’s letter addressed to “students at American universities” is actually a letter from a spiritual father. In the letter, the supporters of Palestine are assured by the leader of Muslims and the free people of the world that although they have been oppressed by the American government and police, they are strongly standing on the right side of history. The Leader of the revolution accurately explained the truth and reason for resistance against the occupying regime of Palestine. It is a truth that has been kept out of the reach of Americans for eight decades through media propaganda. However, eight months of legendary resistance by the patient and oppressed Palestinians cast light on this truth. The fact is that the youth in the West, even their elites, have been kept in darkness by the Zionist-owned media in such a way that they can hardly understand the facts or distinguish right from wrong. This letter makes them pay attention to the contradiction between the slogans by the West and its performance.

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