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‘Tories offer lower taxes’ and ‘red O-lert’

The i headline reads: "Sunak pins hopes on NI cut to rescue stricken Tory campaign"

The unveiling of the Conservative Party’s election manifesto on Tuesday leads the majority of the papers. The i reports that Rishi Sunak is pinning his hopes for the upcoming election on a pledge to cut National Insurance by a further 2p. The paper says the prime minister is banking that a “detailed tax-cutting Conservative manifesto can help reset his faltering election campaign”.

Daily Express headline reads: "Up the Workers! Pm promises 2p cut in national insurance"

The Daily Express also leads with Mr Sunak’s plans to cut NI again, reporting that he intends to “vow to slash the welfare bill” to pay for it. The PM will use the pledge to set out a “stark contrast” with Labour and claim that Sir Keir Starmer will put up taxes, the paper says.

Times headline reads: "Tories offer lower taxes and help for homebuyers"

The Times choses to focus on Tory pledges to help prospective homeowners, reporting the PM plans to put help for first time buyers at the centre of the Tory manifesto. The paper says Mr Sunak’s plans to help “earners, parents and pensioners” amount to more than £13bn in tax cuts, which will be funded via “overhauling the welfare system and a crackdown on tax avoidance”.

Daily Telegraph headline reads@ "Sunak offers tax breaks to landlords"

Tax breaks for landlords is the pledge the Daily Telegraph chooses to pick out from the manifesto plans. The paper says Mr Sunak will promise to scrap capital gains tax for landlords who sell their property to tenants, as part of an initial two-year scheme.

Guardian headline reads "Tory right plans to give Sunak set of demands if manifesto falls flat"

The Guardian is reporting that senior Tories on the right of the party will issue Mr Sunak with a series of demands for alternative pledges, if his tax-cutting manifesto plans fall flat. Conservative sources have told the paper their demands will include tougher action on immigration and human rights law.

FT headline reads: Labour's reluctance to rule out capital gains tax rise stokes investment fears

Sticking with political tax plans, the Financial Times reports that the Labour Party’s refusal to rule out increasing the rate of capital gains tax has led to warnings the move could deter people from investing. The paper has spoken to two senior business figures, who argue it would make the UK globally uncompetitive in attracting “wealth creators” and become a “disincentive to growth” for entrepreneurs.

Daily Mirror headline reads: "Exclusive Keir Starmer: My Pledge on Kids' health"

The Daily Mirror’s lead story focuses on a pledge from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to improve children’s health. Labour will promise to ban the sale of energy drink to under-16s and junk food adverts before 21:00 on TV, as well as guarantee 100,000 more dental appointments for kids, the paper says.

Metro headline reads: Red Olert - hospitals blood crisis after cyber attack

The Metro leads with an urgent appeal that has been issued by the NHS for more blood donors, after a massive cyber attack caused delays to operations in major London hospitals. More donors with O type blood have been asked to step forward, the paper reports, as their blood can be safely donated to most people while critical blood matching systems are not working.

Daily Mail headline reads: "Wild West Streets Britain's 12-year-old Machete Murderers"

The Daily Mail’s lead story is on two 12-year-olds being convicted murder after a “horrific unprovoked attack” using a 16-inch machete in Wolverhampton. The paper notes the pair of boys are the youngest convicted murderers since the killers of James Bulger were found guilty 1993.

Daily Star headline reads: "Herr we go for Euros"

Adorned with some customary flag bunting, the Daily Star’s front page continues with build-up to England’s first appearance at the Euros on Sunday against Serbia. The paper reports the Three Lion’s “super-squad” has touched down in Germany after waving goodbye to thousands of celebrating young fans.

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