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‘We will establish a sustainable biofuels pilot plant with a capacity of 1 ton per day’: Green COP

Green COP biofuel

Singapore-based Green COP, which produces sustainable biofuels derived from biowaste, recently announced the completion of an investment round with Ken Energy and other investors. The money will be used to establish a sustainable biofuels pilot plant with a one-tonne daily production capacity. The deeptech startup also appointed maritime veteran Teo Teng Seng as Chairman.

In this interview, Green COP co-founder Dr Hanson Lee discusses the plans with the newly acquired funds, partnerships, and alcohol-based biofuels industry.


What is the background of the founding team of Green COP? What motivated the founders to focus on sustainable fuel solutions, and how does it contribute to environmental sustainability?

Green COP was founded by Dr Hanson Lee (an expert in biomass pre-treatment), Low Wang Chang (an MSc in Management of Technology), Sng Yee Ching (Chemical Engineer) and Prof Yang Kun-Lin (an expert in green catalysts). It started with research to give value to biowaste. After coming together with like-minded co-founders who are dedicated to environmental sustainability and the circular economy, it drives Green COP’s innovation in the biofuel sector, paving the way for cleaner energy solutions and a more sustainable future.

How does the partnership with Ken Energy help you in the long term? What is the mutual synergy here?

The partnership with Ken Energy provides mutual benefits in the long term. Ken Energy specialises in developing and implementing green energy solutions, focusing on advancing the use of renewable energy and alternative fuels to reduce emissions and promote a greener environment.

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This aligns perfectly with Green COP’s mission to drive sustainable fuel solutions. By joining forces, we aim to leverage Ken Energy’s expertise and resources to accelerate the adoption of our innovative biofuel technologies. Together, we aim to drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of sustainable fuel solutions in the region.

Could you provide more details on Green COP’s strategic collaboration with a leading global integrated palm oil player and how it will enhance the company’s capabilities in sustainable practices? Do you have any other partnerships in the pipeline?

Green COP’s strategic collaboration with a leading global integrated palm oil player enhances our supply chain resilience and sustainability efforts. This partnership provides us with a secure and sustainable source of feedstock for our biofuel production.

By leveraging our partner’s expertise in the palm oil industry and their commitment to sustainable practices, we can ensure responsible sourcing of raw materials. This collaboration strengthens our supply chain while reinforcing our mutual goal of driving positive environmental impact and promoting sustainable biofuel industry development.

As for potential future partnerships, while we cannot disclose specific details at this time, we remain committed to forging partnerships that align with our mission and values.

(L-R) Green COP co-founders Sng Yee Ching, Low Wang Chang, and Hanson Lee with Teo Teng Seng Desmond Chong from Ken Energy

Can you explain Green COP’s patented pre-treatment and fermentation technology and how it enables the production of more efficient drop-in fuels?

Green COP’s patented pre-treatment process is non-energy intensive and at least 50 per cent faster than current industrial pre-treatment processes. This efficient process significantly reduces energy consumption while maintaining high yields.

Additionally, our patented fermentation technology utilises a co-culture system without the need for removing oxygen and aeration, minimising energy consumption and enhancing process efficiency. By optimising both pre-treatment and fermentation processes, Green COP achieves higher productivity and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional methods.

How do Green COP’s alcohol-based biofuels differ from traditional fuels in terms of shelf life and emissions reduction, and what impact do they have on environmental sustainability?

Green COP’s alcohol-based biofuels offer several advantages over traditional fuels. Green COP’s biofuels are drop-in fuels with a longer shelf life (more than 24 months). They contribute to a significant 30 per cent reduction in Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, making them a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative.

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Besides, our biofuels significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fuels, contributing to improved air quality and mitigating climate change. By promoting the adoption of biofuels, we aim to drive the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

How does Green COP plan to leverage the newly acquired funds to establish a sustainable biofuels pilot plant, and what are the expected outcomes of this initiative? When and where do you plan to open the plant?

With the newly acquired funds, Green COP plans to establish a sustainable biofuels pilot plant with a capacity of 1 ton per day. This initiative will allow us to scale up production and test the viability of our technology on a larger scale.

The pilot plant will serve as a crucial milestone in our journey towards commercialisation, enabling us to refine our processes and optimise production efficiency. We plan to open the pilot plant this year at a location that will be revealed at a later date. Our goal is to demonstrate the feasibility and scalability of our sustainable biofuel solutions, driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.

In what ways does Green COP aim to foster a sustainable economy within the maritime and transportation sectors through its initiatives and technologies?

Green COP aims to foster a sustainable economy within the maritime and transportation sectors through our initiatives and technologies by providing clean and renewable fuel alternatives; we reduce the environmental impact of transportation activities, particularly in the maritime sector, which is a significant contributor to global emissions.

Our sustainable fuel solutions reduce carbon emissions and promote resource efficiency and circularity, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

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