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What Happens to EXO Suho & Hong Ye-Ji After the King Returns?

Missing Crown Prince episode 18 aired on Sunday, June 9, 2024, on MBN and Viki. Starring EXO’s Suho, Hong Ye-Ji, and Kim Min-Kyu, the historical romance K-drama currently focuses on the King’s return.

In the previous episode, King Hae-Jong (Jeon Jin-Oh) recovered and secretly met his son, Grand Prince Soo Seong (Suho). They planned to punish their traitors, including Choi Sang-Rok and Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun. Also, Hae-Jong knew his son’s feelings towards Sang-Rok’s daughter, Myung-Yoon (Hong Ye-Ji). Meanwhile, the latter became the king’s doctor when his recovery was kept a secret.

Missing Crown Prince episode 18 begins with King Hae-Jong returning to the palace. He puts law and order in place and sends officials to prison. Additionally, Hae-Jong orders Sang-Rok to be under house arrest. As Myung-Yoon is his daughter, Grand Prince Do Sung (Kim Min-Kyu) worries she will also be punished. However, the king has a soft corner for Myung-Yoon as she has taken care of him. So far, lovebirds Soo Seong and Myung-Yoon are safe. 

Missing Crown Prince episode 18 spoilers: Kim Min-Kyu lock Hong Ye-Ji in a room

In Missing Crown Prince episode 18, King Hae-Jong asks Grand Prince Do Sung to take his previous position, which is outside the palace. He is delighted that his father has recovered but worries about Myung-Yoon. For context, he is in love with her and thus locks horns with his brother, Soo Seong, after learning about their relationship.

Meanwhile, the king brushes off Do Sung’s request to show mercy to Myung-Yoon. Hae-Jong mentions that she is not his concern anymore and reminds his son that she is the daughter of a traitor. When Soo Seong attempts to explain the situation to Do Sung, the latter doesn’t comply. He thinks that Soo Seong has changed and will not be able to protect Myung-Yoon.

Later, in Missing Crown Prince episode 18, Do Sung lures Myung-Yeon to a room and locks her up. He says she cannot force him to let her go, and he claims to protect her at all costs. She states that she would rather die than be forced to do something. Myung-Yeon makes Do Sung understand the situation in a calm and composed manner. She tries to show him that she loves Soo Seong. With a heavy heart, Do Sung unlocks the door and leaves without saying anything.

Before that, Myung-Yoon visits the palace to check on the king’s condition. While Soo Seong bids farewell to her, they share a romantic moment. Sang-Rok and Soo-Ryun see the couple and recall their secret meetings. Seeing Soo Seong’s love for Myung-Yoon, Sang-Rok looks relieved. He and Soo-Ryun then decide to run away from the palace without worrying about his daughter.

Missing Crown Prince episode 18 ending: Is Myung Se-Bin pregnant?

K-drama Missing Crown Prince episode 18 further shows a woman predicting Myung-Yoon’s future. It appears to be bright and happy. Although she doesn’t believe the woman, Myung-Yoon goes with the flow. She and Soo Seong share a few heart-fluttering moments where he asks her to call him “Dear Husband!”

Towards the end of the episode, Sang-Rok and Soo-Ryun run away, but the latter falls ill. They halt at a place where he checks her pulse and becomes shocked. Seeing his face, Queen Dowager asks, “Why are you doing this? Am I gravely ill?” He gives her a concerned look and checks her pulse again. Soon, Soo-Ryun understands why Sang-Rook looks surprised. The episode ends with Sang-Rok saying, “You are… you are surely pregnant.” Will this news stop them from leaving the palace for good? Only time will tell.

To watch what happens next in Missing Crown Prince, tune in to MBN and Viki on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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